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Posted 09 Nov 2009 in baby business, motherhood

Today was the hubs first day back at work. Last night seemed to go okay, I think he slept enough. I actually slept a little more as well – maybe like 3-4 hours total. And Abby, well, she slept too. Not through the night or anything, but we all did okay.

Today, I ventured out of the house BY MYSELF WITH ABBY. And it didn’t blow up in my face. Granted, we were only gone for about an hour, but she barely stirred and pretty much slept the whole time. Remind me to write the following in her baby book:

Baby’s first trip alone with Mommy: To UPS Customer Center in NE Minneapolis. Grandpa left his VERY IMPORTANT laptop at our house yesterday…and instead of hopping in the car for a 10 hour round trip delivery, we drove to UPS and had it packaged and delivered to him. Abby slept. Momma – although unshowered, with ratty hair and still practically in her pajamas – beamed. Momma was very proud.

We have some visitors today, and I might even attempt to give Abby a bath before they arrive. Or, I’ll do the old sponge bath…and at least change her out of her spit-up covered pajamas she’s been in all morning. (I don’t wanna hear it – this kid hates being changed – diaper or otherwise – more than anything on the planet. You’d swear I told her Santa wasn’t real and that her clean diaper was full of poison oak.)

Speak of the devil – someone needs to be changed. Cue the waterworks.

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