Thumbs up or not so much: Pregnancy Edition

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Posted 10 Dec 2009 in baby business, retail therapy

The list of what saved me and what I didn’t need.

First Trimester
Thumbs Up:

Be Band/Bella Band was my BFF. Bloating can get out of control, and you really shouldn’t buy maternity pants until you’re really getting a baby belly. (I jumped the gun and bought a pair at 14 weeks and couldn’t wear them by my third trimester because they were too tight.)
SeaBands really helped my morning sickness. Lucky for me, I wore them in the spring when long sleeves were still needed, because you can’t really hide these things. But I didn’t take them off for weeks. LIFESAVERS.
Seltzer & lime in a highball – to fool the friends and family that yes, you are still a lush and aren’t pregnant.
Yoga pants – stretchy pants are SO needed for lounging around the house.

Not so much:

Again, hold off on buying maternity clothes (specifically pants) for as long as you can, because chances are what you buy now won’t fit later on.

Second Trimester
Thumbs Up:

Body Pillow – I didn’t bother with the Snoogle (by Boppy) because it seemed ridiculous to drop $50 on a body pillow that’s really only useful while pregnant, so I bought a cheapie one available at Target – $10 for the pillow, $10 for a cover. LIFESAVER. My hips hurt so bad from sleeping, it just changed everything.
Boppy Wedge – I DID spring for the Boppy Wedge pillow. I found I could use it between my legs on nights when I wasn’t feeling the body pillow, and when I got bigger, it was a nice support for my belly while on my side. (However – wedging it behind my back screwed me up BIG TIME. Be warned.)
Prenatal Yoga – I went to a Yoga studio that specifically is meant for pre- and post-natal yoga. It was AWESOME and really helped my back pain and overall well being. Of course, I had to quit going thanks to the preterm labor business.
Fake Wedding Rings – I outgrew mine and went without for a while (instead wearing them around my neck) but then got nervous about that and bought a fake set instead. I’ve been back in my real set for a few weeks now and I’m so happy – but even happier that I went through my pregnancy with SOMETHING on my ring finger.

Not so much:
Gaiam Prenatal Yoga DVD – I bought a DVD online and it’s still in the packaging. Basically, just like my workout DVDs – if I don’t have a real live human being in front of me going through the motions, I won’t do it.

Third Trimester
Thumbs Up:

Pregnancy Massage – I only did this once, and I was SO MAD at myself for not having done it sooner. Laying on the pregnancy pillow which allows you to lay on your stomach ALONE was worth it. Well worth the money.
Bra Extenders – I ended up going from a 32C, to a 32DD, to more like a 34D at the end of my pregnancy…and a week after buying the 34D bra – THAT felt too tight. Enter the bra extenders. I wish I would have found these before I bothered buying the 34D bra…but that one WAS a no underwire, which was also quite necessary.
American Apparel Fine Jersey T Dress – I bought a couple of these in the second trimester and wore them to the end. And I am still wearing them now. They stretched to accommodate my belly and were SO COMFY.

So, there’s the list of Pregnancy needs and things not so much. I may add to this later if I think of something else!

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