You were not missed. And…STTN!!

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Posted 14 Dec 2009 in baby business, not so much

It was not a surprise when I woke up this morning to the arrival of that bitch Aunt Flo. I’ve been having cramps on and off since Friday. However, prior to getting pregnant, I never got pre-period cramps, only one day of HOLY HELL MY REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS ARE GOING TO FALL OUT kind of cramps.

Being pregnant sucked. You all know how crappy it ended up for me.

I long for those days now.

John the Midwife says my Mirena IUD should eventually take care of my cramps and make my monthly visitor lighter and less painful. He also warned me that this first post partum period is going to totally suck. I’m fastening my seat belt as we speak.

No, not that belt. Extra points if you know what that is.
I should also mention here what STTN means for those not in the know. That stands for SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT.
Also, this took place in HER CRIB, not in our room.
Excuse me while I pause to do an effin happy jig.
We had her video monitor hooked up to our TV so all we had to do was open our eyes to see her. She did a lot of waking and squirming, but after a couple minutes would fall back asleep. From 11pm till 6:30 she slept. I woke up a lot, but got so much more sleep than when she’s in our room.
One problem was that she basically had icicles on her ears and hands. Our house is a quaint, drafty home built in 1932. Even with the heat set at 72 degrees it was still chilly willy. So, tonight we’ll attempt it again, but hopefully will keep her warmer.

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