Daddy’s funny.

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Posted 08 Feb 2010 in Abigail, baby business, paparazzi

On Saturday, Abby laughed for the first time.

The hubs was playing with her on her play mat and we were just chatting, when he said something along the lines of how happy he was that we had a girl. Then he mentioned if we DID have a boy that he’d be playing more rough with him and demonstrated by “roughing up” Abby.

This is the result.

Abby Laughs from jenna bee on Vimeo.

I of course began to cry instantly. I still tear up thinking about hearing that sound for the very first time. After the waterworks, the hubs screamed “CAMERA!” at which point I scrambled to find out point & shoot and had to delete something to free up some space for a video. (What did I delete? Who knows. Whatever it was wasn’t as good as THIS.)

Do you think we’ve heard her do it again? NO. Which makes this video that much better. If this works anything like her smile did, we won’t hear it again for another two weeks. :)

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