Houston, we have a babbler.

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Posted 15 Feb 2010 in Abigail, baby business

All of a sudden, since Friday…Abby’s begun what I assume to be a life-long skill. LONG WINDED BABBLING. She IS a girl. And I have been known to talk faster than your average lady. My point being, MY BABY IS A TALKER.

She’s mostly making sounds like AAAOOOAOAOOOO and AHHHHHHLLLLLLLL and BUUOOOOOWWWWWW…but they’re noises and she’s so obviously trying to talk that it makes me laugh every time. SO, basically…in a week she’s laughed for real and started “talking.”

We leave for Mexico on Thursday. Without her.

The thought of missing another big milestone is ripping my heart out. No webcams, no cell phones, no email or facebook to keep tabs on things.

I’ve already whispered in her ear to lay off the growing up until mommy & daddy get back. Think if I repeat it enough she’ll heed my plea?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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