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Posted 24 Feb 2010 in blog bidnass, I am awesome

I keed I keed. I don’t want you to think I came home from Mexico with an overinflated ego. Trust me, the European girls with their topless sunbathing put my ego right in the trash where it belongs. Wait…that was my self-image.

Anyway – I’m awesome because I won THREE BLOGGER AWARDS! Krystal from Tie a Little Ribbon, jCam of My Freakin Awesome Blog and Nicci from Changing the Universe nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award! Aww, shucks, ladies! Thanks!

(ain’t it purdy?)

Rules for this award are: I must thank the person who gave it to me…or persons (so, THANK YOU LADIES!), link their blog, c&p the picture above, list 7 interesting things about yourself, and give the award to 7 bloggers.

Seven interesting things, eh? Aside from the fact that I was bombarded with naked euro-boobs in Mexico?

1. I am an only child. Bet you didn’t see that one comin’. Or maybe you did. My favorite response to that fact is “Oh, I could tell.” Really? Is it that obvious? Did I grab your iPhone and yell “MINE!” Yeah, I didn’t think so. All joking aside though, I had a really happy childhood and loved being an “only.” Don’t let some people fool you. We’re nice people.
2. I am an anal retentive slob. I will dirty up my house like nobody’s business. Just ask the hubs about my piles of mail. (My mother is reading this and screaming NOOOOOOO because my dad does the exact same thing.) Anyway, I will leave a trail of stuff through the house. However, when I clean? It’s like the Queen of England may or may not be coming over to eat crumpets off of the undersides of my couch cushions. I mean business.
3. I love being a peeping tom. Sort of. Honestly, I love driving by people’s houses at night and looking in their windows. Just to catch a glimpse of the decor or how their home is laid out.
4. I will quote Wayne’s World until I am blue in the face. Zang.
5. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Yeah, I’ve been known to skeeze it up for the occasion. But seriously – horror movies are straight up my favorite things EVER and a holiday which promotes month long showings of craptastic “horror?” HELLS YES.
6. I have a doll collection. The hubs calls it creepy. Some of them are. Like the bride and groom “Living Dead Dolls” my auntie gave me. Most of them are very innocent. I plan on adding to it over the years and if Abby can appreciate them for their awesomeness, then they will be hers some day. :)
7. I wanted to be a doctor for a good portion of my childhood. Once I was old enough to really understand how many years of school I would have to endure and HOW MANY MORE MATH CLASSES THAT MEANT – I bailed. Even though I was in advanced math all through school, I could not STAND it. I enrolled at the U of MN as “Undecided” and before my first quarter began I had changed my degree to “Design Communication” which was later changed to “Graphic Design.” (Read NO MATH.)

Now, to the awards. If you’ve already received one before – my bad! But whatever, I think you’re cool enough so you’re going to get one again. If you haven’t…well, I’m pretty excited to have popped your Beautiful Blogger Award cherry.

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