Fighting a losing battle.

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Posted 09 Mar 2010 in Abigail

It’s happened.

She’s found her thumb.


She’s been nomming on her hands and fingers for weeks now, but over the weekend, she discovered JUST HER THUMB. And now I can’t get it out of her mouth. It’s not like she’s keeping it a secret because the schmacking, sucking noises when she has it in her mouth are audible throughout the entire house.


I keep pulling it out of her mouth and putting the pacifier in, but it seems as though in the long run she would rather it be her thumb. At least the pacifier can eventually be taken away. I’m not about to take her thumbs away from her. (I don’t think…)

Also, Abby’s learned how to whine like a pro. She has her normal whine, but now she’s added a higher pitch squeal to the middle of it to REALLY get her point across. And if you hand her a toy when she’s in one of THOSE moods? She throws it.

My daughter is 4 months old and already has the attitude of a teenager.

We’re so screwed.


  1. metta1313

    I think our Abby's are channeling one another. I'm ok with the thumb thing b/c it's helping her to soothe herself when she's upset…but we will see when she's 7 and sucks it at school. And I'm now figuring out her fake whines too! She's got us wrapped around her little cute patootie finger.

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