I’m post happy. And I have a badge.

Posted 03 Mar 2010 in blog bidnass

Just in case you’re interested – I have a badge on the right that you can post to your blog, should you so desire.

In fact, I recommend that you do. It will up the awesome factor of your blog exponentially.*

*Disclaimer: there is no scientific data to back this up, only my own deluded ideas of reality.


  1. Sara

    Arg! I can't get it. Still brokey for me!

    I just made my own badge and got all happy about it too.

    Email me yours? ninjapanza [at] gmail

  2. Mrs. Jenna

    WTF?! I'm starting to get crabby at this thing. I can't replicate it! (The hubs said it was wonky for him too, but I STILL can't see it happening.)

    Check your email in 5.

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