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Posted 15 Mar 2010 in Abigail, The Hubs

Yeah, sorry about that. Kinda disappeared there for a bit. I got caught up with my BFF visiting and a new friend moving to town. Plenty of trips to IKEA and near massive amounts of beer consumption were had. But all was well.

Anyway, Abby is cute as can be and made sure to make up for lost time with her Auntie A by blabbering all weekend long. She’s also managed to find her feet. However, she’s struggling to get them into her mouth, because…well…that’s where everything goes, of course.

And also internets, the weather here in the MPLS has been GORGEOUS. Auntie A (who will now be known as “Sister Wife” only because we made a lot of people confused over the weekend by referring to each other as such), the hubs and I walked around NE for a while, browsing shops and giving Abby a chance to try out the stroller sans car seat. It worked, for the most part. She was a tad slouchy, but she made it work. Today is the second day of having windows open in our home and it is SO NICE. I know that by publicly proclaiming my love for sunshine and fresh air that it will more than likely snow tomorrow. I’m talking to you, Mother Nature. Don’t let me down. I give a mean side-eye.

Today, I’m working my way through a mountain of laundry and attempting to clean the house a bit. The Momma is coming to stay with us next week and although she insists I don’t worry about these things, OF COURSE I am. Also…the sunshine that’s finally gracing us is also doing a really good job at highlighting all the dust and kitty tumbleweed littering our floors. Gross. So, I’m trying to take care of that. I’m considering “bjorning” Abby and vacuuming. It will be a sight to see.


  1. jCam

    oh em gee that's a beautiful baby.

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