Sometimes it’s the little things.

Posted 03 Mar 2010 in marriage, The Hubs

Let me start this post out by saying HOLY CRAP I am tired today. We saw John Mayer last night and didn’t get home until almost 1am! (The show was awesome, btw.) Abby ended up spending the night at the in-laws since I grossly underestimated what time we’d be able to pick her up at. (I thought the show would be done around 10:30 at the latest. I’m apparently old.)

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. John Mayer.

When I was younger, say…late teens, very early twenties, I was a music snob of sorts. (Well, let’s be honest. I still am. Sort of.) I was involved in a scene where I wanted large acceptance and a compatable boyfriend for said scene. Admitting to enjoying bands like John Mayer and Dave Matthews would have been laughed at. I just didn’t want to admit to really liking them. And I thought I had to mask my love for these artists whenever I met a new guy just in case he thought they were lame.

And then I met the hubs.

I cautiously exposed portions of my music taste to him. I was more indie, he was a little indie and a lot hip-hop. And then he saw my CD collection. Complete with Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and countless other CDs I don’t advertise to the world. And know what he said? “I like Dave Matthews, they’re really good.” This man, who loved indie rock as much as me and old school hip-hop LIKED DAVE MATTHEWS BAND.

Internets – I knew we would go far.

So, last night while standing in the fourth row, with women (and strangely some men) yelling “I love you, John!” at the stage, I got to stand there with my husband, because even though John Mayer isn’t his favorite, he can still admit to liking him. And will be in the fourth row because he knows how much I want to be there.

We had a really good time.


  1. Gilmore-Kozlen

    I LOVE John Mayer and am VERY jealous! He is coming to STL Mar 20th, and my hubby wont go with me.

    And I think this might be my first time commenting… so Hello! I have a daughter too, about a month younger than Abby. I found your blog and our due dates were near each other's, but you went early, and I was late! … and I had gallbladder problems too! … anywho, check out my blog if you want…

  2. Sara

    My husband and I are of the "hard rock" crowd, he more "heavy metal" than I.

    We both owned Hootie & the Blowfish CD's. True Love.

  3. Mrs. Jenna

    G-K – Find a girlfriend to go with you! It really was an awesome show. And I'll check out your blog!

    Sara – it really does feel like it's meant to be, no?

    To be with someone who enjoys Metallica, The Sundays, Ghostface Killah and John Mayer…makes my heart palpitate. :)

  4. Gilmore-Kozlen

    Im trying! I checked ticketmaster and there are still OK seats available, and I am now harassing my friends! I have seen him 4 times already and thought I might be able to pass this time around… but after reading your post… I feel a strong need to go!

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