Spring cleaning.

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Posted 11 Mar 2010 in Abigail

Some of you awesome readers are having difficulty with my blog being a jerk. I still do not understand why the right side is giving some people problems and others none at all.

Regardless, I’ve been wanting to make a change, and it seems like now is the time.

I’ve owned bloggedbliss.com for quite a while without doing anything with it.

I think, my friends, I may be getting a divorce from Blogger, asking for a get and briskly running into the arms of WordPress. And serving all of you from the more formitable bloggedbliss.com.

That’s right, time to get your panties in a twist. I’m hoping it’s awesome.

I may have some time this weekend to work on things, but of COURSE I’ll let you know when stuff is happening.

In the meantime, I’ll have you know Abby is perfecting her Shakira imitation skills. No, not belly dancing, but using the Shakira yodel to get her point across. You know how she kind of goes into Pee-Wee laugh voice when she sings? Like, in Hips Don’t Lie when she sings “baby when you talk like that” it’s kind of a weird, like vocal thingy? Alright, maybe you don’t hear it. But anyway, Abby does this now. All the time. It’s her new way of talking to us…like Shakira.

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