YESSS. See? I AM funny.

Posted 01 Mar 2010 in blog bidnass

Go ahead and click on this link and tell me who’s #1.

That’s right. MOI.

::does the cabbage patch::

disclaimer: as of 11pm CST on February 28th, I was #1. So…if it changes between now and whenever you happen to read this post I don’t need an email letting me know I’m not. Just let me pretend I’m #1 FOR-EV-ER.

So, I may not be the #1 blog on this site as a whole, but I’m the #1 listing on the humor page.

Wanna know what else is funny? Canadian “music” being showcased at the Olympic Closing Ceremonies. Even the Canadian athletes look bored.

Hey, while you’re reading this – wanna be a peach and vote for me again? I promise a vacay recap and sweaty pics are to follow.
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  1. Sara

    Mrs. Jenna!

    First, congrats.

    Second, I think something is brokey on your sidebar.

  2. Mrs. Jenna

    1) Thanks lady!

    2) Oh nos! I don't see it – could you tell me what browser you're using and what looks wonky? Gracias!

  3. Sara

    Sooo… I got the IE8. And underneath "Please Vote! KTHX!" the Mommy Blogs button is cut in half and then there's like a whole screen/scroll worth of blank space until you get to the RSS links.

    Also: I get this lovely piece of gibberish when I click the error message in my browser.

    Webpage error details

    Message: Access is denied.

    Line: 197
    Char: 78
    Code: 0

    Right. So. Sup with your widgets. Hope that helps.

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