6 months.

Posted 28 Apr 2010 in uncategorized

My little Abbers,

You turned six months yesterday. Do you know what that means? You’re already a half year old. I can’t even believe it. You’re so much bigger than when you were born, it blows my mind. After I brought you home from the hospital, I used to look at your six and nine month clothes and wonder how you’d ever fit into them. Now I look at your newborn clothes and can barely remember you being that small.

I’m sad to say that your teething got the best of you on your six month day, and that’s why this is a day late; I was too busy making sure you were as happy as could be in the few hours we had together on your big half year.

A lot of crap has happened in the past month. Once again, you’ve proven to be the light that we need in our dark times. I will eternally be thankful for that.

Love you so so much.



  1. Auw, she’s totally adorable! Gummy six-month smiles are pure magic.

  2. D

    Hi I’m a new follower, and I have to say your little girl is absoutely adorable! Her cheeks and eyes are to die for! :) Happy 6 Months! (My little girl just turned 6 months on Tuesday)

  3. So funny- my little gal turned 6 months yesterday and I posted a letter to her as well! (Also- I got married in 2007 and also live in a big city. Craziness.)

    Your babe is darling…


  4. Okay, those cheeks are to die for.

  5. So – I didn’t even notice the previous commenter said “to die for” too…they really must be to die for! But also – I just read your about page… I am also from Wiscompton and went to the U! I am very jealous that you still live in the fancy city of Minneapolis though. Okay, that’s all!

  6. She is totally adorable!! Happy 6 months little one!!

  7. A little late, but happy 6 months. Boo to teething. We’ve been suffering from this as well over here, so I feel ya there.

    Babies really do make everything better. :)

  8. holy. smokes. this kid is BEAUTIFUL!!! lookit that dimple —> that one! (pointing at precious baby’s cheek.) what a doll she is. happy half-birthday abbers!


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