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Posted 28 Apr 2010 in blog bidnass, house stuffs, please and thank you

I’m bad at making decisions. Remember how I asked you guys to help me pick a photo for my Modern Bird print? And then I picked one.

And then Mr. Lame Sauce himself sent me the proofs, and I changed my mind.

And now I can’t decide on colors.

So, once again, interwebs, I request your assistance.

I’m not married to any of these. In fact, I’m thinking about skipping the wood tone and doing a two color. But I can’t pick anything worth a damn.

SO. Here’s what Mr. Lame Sauce has been kind enough to draw up so far.





As you can see we ended up liking the full body one better after all. But I can’t decide on a color. I really DO like the plum but it seems too dark. Our living room is creams, mossy greens, mediterrenean blues, and dark browns. This will be in the living room, more than likely.

We have these pillows on our couches, to try to bring light to the colors:

And there’s just a smidgen of our rug in the background of this old skool photo:

Here’s a link to Modern Bird’s color chart.

Now…help! Please and thank you. :)


  1. plum. definitely plum. looks like it picks up the color of the pillow, goes with the rug, and that color combo has the most contrast. but hey, that’s just my opinion!

  2. I like the plum. I am also liking the Sumptuous purple and Berry. The purple tones would look great with the other colors in the room, the Mediterranean is rather hard to see the image.

  3. Plum fo sho!

  4. What a sweet baby! I’m voting for the plum.

  5. Plum, fo’ sho’.

    More than that I don’t think the Mediterranean UNLESS you are going to do a two tone with a darker tone instead of wood.

  6. Plum, absolutely. Gorgeous!

  7. I would go with plum too .. If you do the blue then I’d skip the natural wood look and add a cream or something.

  8. I like the plum the best. If you want the baby to stand out a bit more you might consider going with a the urban beige or almond instead of the wood tone in the background. If you have the plum it will contrast nicely with the creams, blues and greens you have in your house already and will really stand out. Just my two cents anyway :)

  9. Plum, either one…

  10. I’m going to be the rebel and pick the wine.

  11. lynn

    Personally, I don’t care for the wood grain. I think meditteranean + a darker brown tone would be sweet.

    And I also have those pillows. Love the target :)

  12. Personally, I like the wine and though I LOVE both photos more than life itself, I might venture to say I love the close up baby face one more! I’m sure whatever you pick will be gorgeous though.

  13. Which one did you end up going with?

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