How do I decide?! I know! Ask the internets!

So, I’m super-duper-uuber stoked for my prize from Modern Bird Studios via Harper’s Happenings. Now the hard part. Picking an image.

I chatted with Megan from Modern Bird and they’re being super awesome and letting me upgrade to a 12″x24″ piece instead (in exchange for dollars, of course). I was quick to start looking at pictures. The hubs and I have it narrowed down to two; I can’t decide. So, which one should we pick? Remember, this is more than likely being hung above our fireplace.

This is an example of their awesome work:

And here are the images we’re deciding between. Don’t even ask me which colors we’re choosing.

Huhhh. Decisions decisions.

So, HELP dear internets! Which do we choose? Abbers will forever be captured in one of these two poses (well, moreso forever than a digital copy of these photos). Which should we do?


  1. butterfly1979_ (Kendra)

    They are both ridiculously adorable, so I can see why you are having a hard time! I tend to like the close up Modern Bird pics better, so I vote the 2nd one.

  2. mb21

    I love the face shot the best.

  3. ::gasp::

    On first glance, I wanted to scream #2! But now I’m reconsidering. I think the smile and the shadows in the first picture will make for a super awesome result. Good luck, dear!

  4. ummm the FIRST one
    no the SECOND
    umm okay i think really the FIRST one

    she is so cute
    and you are SO lucky!

  5. thenextmartha

    That close up makes me just want to smooshy her cheeks. I vote #2

  6. I say #2… I can see how it’s hard to decide, she’s just so dang cute!!

  7. Okay so I love the 2nd one, it is beautiful!! I really think with the artistic piece your doing the first one will show up and read better an clearer!! Let us know how it turns out!!

  8. At first I was going to say the 2nd one…but, I now I think the 1st one would look the best!!

    Congrats on the win! What an awesome prize!!

  9. Courtenay

    I think both would be great, but #2 is my first choice:-)

  10. joy

    I’d definitely go with the second one! Absolutely precious, wondrous face.

  11. I’m being D-Listed today too so I just wanted to say Hi! My vote is for the second picture :)

  12. I love the last one :-)

  13. Man I am so jealous. I say #2. That girl is gorge.

  14. I like #2….she is so precious!

  15. I think the second – those cheeks are totally adorable!

  16. I say #2 too. What an awesome prize! I’m stopping in from the D-list. Hope you had a great weekend.

  17. That’s so awesome you won! I won one and I LOVE how it turned out!! You will love it so much. I think you picked right with number 2, which colors?


    That’s mine! Just wanted to share. :) Can’t wait to see yours!

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