7 months. (8 days late.)

Posted 04 Jun 2010 in Abigail, paparazzi

My dearest Lil’ Abbers,

I’m so sorry this month-day announcement is late. We spent the weekend with your grandparents and all of momma’s family and things got busy, to say the least.

You’re a learning machine, my sweet. You’re sitting like a champ, and have mastered the bounce-dance, as well as what I assume is the no-no dance, where you shake your head left and right. You are such a joy and never cease to make us laugh (even if making you laugh is the hardest thing EVAR).

You had your first baby play date last weekend. It went…okay. You had a few meltdowns, but between teething, about 20 new faces and meeting another baby your age for only the second time…I imagine it was quite overwhelming.

People never stop commenting on how beautiful you are. And I couldn’t agree more.

I love you so so very much,



  1. Look at those eyes! good GAWD lady you make a pretty baby.

  2. Those eyes and those cheeks are ADORABLE!

  3. Happy 7 months to your Abigail!

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