Because I’ve already teared up TWICE today…

Posted 25 Jun 2010 in blog bidnass, other people are awesome

…I expect you to as well. At your desk. At work. In front of people.

Two wonderfully awesome blog posts I’ve read today:

Love Stories – A Wedding in Seven Minutes by Pacing the Panic Room
If you don’t already read this blog, you’re missing out. BEAUTIFUL photography, beautiful family, and now…beautiful video. This guy is far too talented not to put in your reader.

Tissues on a Train by Outnumbered
Usually this guy is ridiculously funny, but today he got all sappy on me and then I cried. You should stop to read some of his other posts while you’re visiting, like this one. I guarantee you’ll be a reader in no time.


  1. Hey dude. This was really nice of you. Thanks so much. Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Omg. It’s YOU!! You’re welcome! Keep up the funny. You slay me.

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