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Posted 23 Jun 2010 in marriage, The Hubs

A back and forth between the hubs and I on Sunday:

Me: Was I having the conversation with you about Back to the Future the other day?

Him: No.

Me: “The Future” was supposed to be in 2015 in that movie. So much for hovercars and skateboards, eh?

Him: (laughs) Yeah, I guess so. It’s stupid though. They should have hoverboards by now.

Me: You’d think.

Him: We used to think when the movie came out that they really did exist and they were just keeping them secret. I mean, why don’t they really have hoverboards? It can’t be that hard.

Me: Because they’d need to harness jet propulsion on a really small scale and that’s probably really hard.

(Sidenote: Am I not the biggest nerd in the world? Even typing out what I said makes me feel like I should tape a “Kick Me” sign to my own back.)

Him: They should get the world’s top scientists on this. Get them off the oil spill and put them on building hoverboards.

Me: They’d probably build a hoverboard faster than they can figure out how to stop the oil spill.

Him: True dat.


  1. not only do i concur re: hover boards vs. oil spill, but ive also had the jet propulsion conversation with an intoxicated homeless man outside the house of blues in chicago. we shared a half bottle of rootbeer schnapps & perhaps a ‘moment’

    i thank you for existing.

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