six months + six dresses: april + june

Posted 25 Jun 2010 in paparazzi, retail therapy, six dresses + six months

Yeah, I know. I totally still owe you a picture of May’s dress, but i don’t have one yet so BEAR WITH ME.

Without further adieu….


Sorry about the awkward pose.

Yeah. I’m laying down. Probably not the best shot to show off the best dress of the three I have, but it’s the only photo I have at this point. DEAL. Anyway, this dress is from Anthropologie and I LOVE IT WITH ALL MY HEART. I would wear it every day if I could. I tried finding it on their website, but the hubs bought this for me all the way back in April while we were in Vegas and I don’t know if they have it anymore. Plus, when I went to their site to find it I got really REALLY distracted by their pretty clothes and suddenly I had $400 worth of stuff in my cart and my credit card in my hand. I stopped myself. Somehow. But yes, I LOVE THIS DRESS. Maybe someday I’ll get a photo where I’m standing. In the meantime, enjoy my Miss America smile and my bangs growing out into MY FACE.



Here I am contemplating how on God’s green earth I found an awesome dress WITH POCKETS! AT TARGET! This is now my second favorite dress. Mostly because of the pockets. But also? Because it was like, $20. What did we do without Target, people? See those sunglasses? TARGET. Boo-to-the-YEAH.
(Also, if you’re interested – Watch: Fossil, Necklace: Personalized Keepsake Locket by Justice Juels.
Inquisitive, Kick-Ass Attitude: Brought to you by YOURS TRULY)


  1. I have a few dresses with pockets too, and they’re my favourite!

    You are far too cute, and that you own a dress from Anthro kind of makes you my hero – I’m still in the stalking phase of my obsession with them :)

  2. cute cute CUTE!!! (the dresses AND the girl!) love those little target dresses – i have one and every time i go there i want to buy like 5 more. they have POCKETS, for crimeny sakes! WHY DON’T ALL DRESSES COME WITH POCKETS??

    love this post. i am a total dress whore and this made my day.


  3. D

    I just discovered pocket dresses too and I LOVE them!

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