Wanna know how big of a nerd I am?

Posted 15 Jul 2010 in other people are awesome, RAD

This is the trailer for a movie coming out in October called The Social Network.

I got chills while watching it.

It’s all about Drama! and the Internets! and Dorks! AND JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! (!!!)

So, essentially, it’s Mrs. Jenna porn.

Read about it a little more if you should so desire.


  1. Um, that looks awesome. now to convince my husband to take me to see it…

  2. Me, too!!! Husband showed it to me a couple days ago & I absolutely got chills! LOL Before I saw the trailer I could not imagine how they could turn Facebook into a movie. But it looks so good!

    Just found your blog through d-list (which I also just found).

  3. Mandi

    Actually, that movie is about the dude who started FaceBook. He was on TV yesterday (don’t remember what channel) and they were talking about the movie… Yes, I want to see it.

  4. well then I’m a huge nerd too because I am ridiculously excited about this movie as well 😉

  5. The fact that you’ve commented on my blog nearly brought me to my knees. Thanks for reading!!

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