Gratuitous product gushing.

Posted 30 Aug 2010 in baby business, RAD

So, while I was in the New York with my pal Morgan of, I noticed her daughter using a snack cup that seemed like an invention from the GODS. Of course, as soon as I got home and got to Target (which, let’s be honest was about 20 minutes after I got home) I bought one for Abby. How I got along without it for so long baffles the mind.

Munchkin’s Snack Catcher. It’s like, $4 for the greatest thing you’ll ever get your kid. It’s lid allows their tiny hands to reach in and get out their snacks, but also keeps all that shizz in there so it’s not all over your house. Granted, when your daughter has a love affair with Cheerios….little round cheerios…some are bound to escape. But it’s still SO EFFING WORTH IT.

Now, as a disclaimer I was not paid to say this or did I get any compensation. Just one mom gushing to whoever wants to listen that this thing is awesome.

That is all.


  1. Kim

    We have one and LOVE it too! It also keeps her from eating them in 2.5 seconds because she has to work for them a little bit… and its total entertainment for her. She thinks its amazing too.

  2. I have been tempted to throw one in the cart while I walk through Target. But I didn’t know anyone who uses it, so I didn’t know if it would be worth it. Lord knows we don’t need more cabinet clutter. Hmmmmmmmm….maybe I’ll try it out.


    Alena, buy one. For serious.

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