Our bedroom.

Posted 18 Aug 2010 in house stuffs, retail therapy

I’ve been talking about doing something to our bedroom for a while. And now I have all the pieces in mind to do it with. If I only had the dollars.

Anyway, my plan if I had the moola, would be:

The duvet/inspiration piece: CB2

Curtain fabric option: Amy Butler

Bed by Ikea.

Paint color by Behr.

Total just for these updates? $270 for the bedding and bed, probably about $90 for the fabric (and my own sweat and tears to make the curtains) and about $35 for paint. So…about $395.

We already have these dressers. We need new nightstands though.

Our dressers.

I would love to do this this fall. Only time will tell. We’re also pricing out how much it’ll cost to have the cat-piss carpets removed from our basement and vinyl or rubber “hardwood” floors laid in it’s place. I can’t wait until our house feels “done!” Then I won’t have any trouble staying home.


  1. The duvet it DEVINE! I mean I want it immediately. Sadly I have no funds for that. – we are working on operation fix our damn house too. We scrapped the popcorn from the ceilings and are onto the next step soon.

  2. Our bedroom is so so sad. It’s the long forgotten room of this house. It needs to be repainted (a VERY similar color to the one you chose, we already have it, just need to DO it!). We need a headboard, new curtains, night stands. I feel ya! Maybe one of these days it will be done and I’ll actually like being in there.

    I can’t wait to see what you get done. I love your choices so far :-)

  3. that blue art piece on top of the bed is amaaaaaazing! I like the rest of it, too, but I think I’d wake up smiling every day if I had that above my bed.

  4. I totally just got that CB2 catalog today, loveeeee.

    You could definitely diy that artpiece above the bed. Now that I think about it, I kinda want to try… hmmm…

  5. TheNextMartha

    Hey, I’m working on our bedroom/bath too. Love that pic. Keep us posted on how it’s going.

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