Did you know “slapdash” is a word?

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Posted 11 Nov 2010 in blog bidnass

It doesn’t have any significance really to this post, but it made me giggle. I was trying to think of synonyms for the word random and SLAPDASH came up. I kind of love it.

Anyway – I admit I’ve been lacking in the bloggy department. In all honesty, I’ve been lacking in a lot of places on the interwebs lately – here, Twitter, Faceyspace – you name it…I’m not really there.

I mean, I’m keeping up with my Google Reader because let’s face it – one day of not checking in results in about 125 new posts across the 92 blogs I subscribe to. (I think I have a problem.)

So, while I haven’t been here, I’ve been compiling lists (as I’ve been known to do.) In fact, why don’t I make a list of the lists that I have! (If we slip into a black hole after this is made, you can blame me. I can only assume what kind of astronomical trigger was just released after suggesting I make a list of lists. Either that or the inner OCD-tard inside me just grew a second head.)

  • A general “to-do” before Christmas, including such gems as “remove window a/c” and “go through eleventy billion boxes and bags in attic and throw away/donate ALL OF IT.”
  • Christmas lists – for me, for Abbers…and of course for other people. But mostly for me. *cough*IPAD*cough*
  • A Photo list – I still need to take “after” photos of our basement remodel so I can finally effing post it, and we need some photos of the Abs for our Christmas cards because I’ve turned into THAT MOTHER who won’t stop sending you photo cards for holidays with pictures of my kid slapped on all of them.
  • A home improvement list, which right now is encompassed with the living room and our bedroom. Lofty dreams, have I.
  • And finally a blog “to-do” list – of posts, photos and whatnot that I know I’ve promised and have yet to deliver.

Phew. Most of this stuff I really do want to accomplish by Christmas. <insert maniacal laugh here> Also, I’m pretty sure the hubs just did an audible head-desk. BUT WHATEVER. I’ve accepted the fact that I am a busy bee and I’m not happy if I’m sitting still or don’t have plans or am not ruining my life with lists of lists.

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