Abbers, aka Evel Knievel

Posted 03 Dec 2010 in Abigail, baby business, motherhood, not so much

So, my dear, sweet Abigail pulled a stunt the other day that made me nearly cry out in fear/sorrow and also made me want to high five the little shit.

She climbed out of her crib.

Mind you, it was of course unsuccessful. Papa (the hubs’ dad) had just put her in her crib in an attempt to get her to sleep. She apparently said “eff that noise, papa!” and then launched herself over the side, landing on the one side of the crib without carpeting. With a thud. And not on her feet. And then an hour of crying. She also nearly gave Papa a heart attack. Nurse Papa kicked in and checked her out and she was without bumps, bruises or concussions.

First – WTF Abbers? Since when do you climb? While that is awesome that you’ve learned how to do that, LET’S NOT. MMMKAY?

Second – I thought I lowered the crib already? How in the hell did you get out of it? Then I remember that I made the mistake of putting the crib on the middle setting. Not the lowest. No. I thought – “She won’t be able to climb over! This will be easier for us to get her in and out!” Low and behold, she did…like, 6 months later.

So, I lowered it. And then continued to panic because OMGWHATIFSHEDOESITAGAIN?

I briefly thought about this:

And then decided that having it on it’s lowest setting is just fine. If she pulls another Evel stunt again? She gets the toddler bed.


  1. That is the WORST sound, that thud. Jackson managed to launch himself out of the crib a few months ago–and we had it on the lowest setting! (but J’s a big tall kid, so we’re kind of screwed).

    He hasn’t done it again since, because I was dreading having to figure out how to put a 15 month old in a toddler bed.

  2. My parents said the day I learned how to climb out of the crib and came running into their room (I guess I landed on my feet?) was the saddest day ever for them – cause now I was FREE!!! Haha. Glad she was ok!!

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