Can it be? A Holiday Giveaway!

Posted 04 Dec 2010 in giveaway

It’s finally happened – I’m hosting a giveaway on Blogged Bliss!

When Knock Knock approached me about doing a giveaway, I couldn’t resist. I’ve been using one of their products for over a year!

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a huge fan of making lists. So, when I saw this magnetic pad at Urban Outfitters months ago…it was like a dream come true. Trips to the grocery store became SO MUCH EASIER and let’s face it, I was buying less crap and MORE of what we needed because I actually checked before I left the house! So, the first item in the giveaway is an All Out Of Pad…all your own!


Knock Knock has also offered up TWO Bingo games, perfect for the holiday season. Christmas Bingo and my personal favorite, Dysfunctional Family Bingo (seen on the right). Complete with such gems as “Awkward Silence,” “Door Slam” and “One Too Many,” it stands to make your holiday get together a little more entertaining.

So, how can you snag all three of these awesome items from Knock Knock? Visit the Knock Knock website and see all the funny and Christmas/Hanukkah list worthy stuff, and leave a comment here! You can tell me what you’d ask Santa (or maybe Hanukkah Harry) for from Knock Knock’s inventory, or tell me a little about your own dysfunctional family. I’ll take entries until Tuesday (12/7) at 8PM CST, when I’ll pick a winner at random from the comments. Good Luck!

**Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Amanda email me your mailing address and you’ll receive your prize soon! Thanks everyone for entering!!!


  1. CJ

    They have a lot of cool stuff! I like the Pack This and the Pep Talk note pads and the workday recovery kit.

  2. Amanda

    A giveaway?! Big time at Blogged Bliss! :) I’m crossing my fingers. God knows that Dysfunctional Family Bingo would fly at my Christmas.

  3. I am in love with the grocery list. I cannot tell you how many versions I have tried when it comes to getting a weekly list together. I have to have a list and I just can’t find the perfect one. Maybe this will be it!

  4. Umm I would love to have some douchebag citations to handout around these parts. Cute giveaway!! <3 ya lady :)

  5. I really LOVE the “ALL OUT OF” and the “DEAL WITH THIS” stamp! LOVE the website, so fun!!

  6. I love the eat pad, but got a kick out the Paper Tweet pad! The grocery list is pretty amazing.

  7. i love knock knock! For Christmas, I would like the dysfunctional family bingo, or any of the sticky notes! such a great website. :)

  8. Arianna

    I’d definitely go for the Fashion Citation and Sweet Nothings nifty notes… And use them both on my husband. ::shifty eyes::

  9. ShoeFanatic

    Love that site! While I am very fond of the WTF stamp, I’d probably say that the “so much to do list pad” would come in quite handy for me.

  10. LindsayE

    The Personal Library Kit is functional (and a classic!!) but the F*&# Nasty Notes and Crap Recieptables are just as useful and wrong. Long live KnockKnock!