Do it again.

Posted 04 Jan 2011 in marriage, other people are awesome, wedding whatnots

I’ve been married to the hubs for a little over 3 years now. Nearly an eternity, am I right?

(insert nervous laughter here)

Anyway, when I got married, half of my friends from my hometown/high school had already tied the knot. However, only a few friends in the great city of Minneapolis had gotten married. So, while I got some broad tips & tricks from my long time BFFs, my bestie in wedding planning became The Knot. Every single vendor I booked was due to recommendations from people on The Knot. While it was an awesome resource, it lacked the personal experience of seeing the vendor/venue’s work first hand.

Recently, a few good friends have gotten married in the MPLS, and another is planning for her big day in June. I’ve been lucky enough to join her in wedding dress hunting, and have been hearing about venues and vendors that are the hot pick of today.

Honestly…it makes me want to do it again. I mean, you know, again to the hubs…with an unlimited budget…as if we’d never done it before.

A big reason for wanting to do it again is a photographer that my girls have been using. She takes absolutely GORGEOUS photos and I could only DREAM to be in one of them. For example, my beautiful friend Regan:


Is that not breathtaking?! You can see the rest of Regan + Mike’s photos here, at Ai Ling’s photography site. Between her photography, and looking at the new styles of wedding gowns, it has me wishing that it would be kosher to renew our vows at our five year anniversary. Complete with a new gown and venue and lots of cocktails.

What would you want to do if you could do it again? Or if you haven’t tied the knot, what is a dream you have for your big day?


  1. Oh, I loved so so much about my wedding, but the one thing I *didn’t* love is the only thing I would absolutely change–the dj/music situation. Our dj sucked, badly, and almost no one danced because of that. Still bums me out almost 5 years later. I always wanted a wedding where everyone danced the night away.
    Oh, and I’d love to do it again and this time have someone wipe my mom’s lipstick off my face BEFORE the ceremony starts. I don’t have a single picture that doesn’t have a giant plum colored smudge on my cheek.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Jenna! I really appreciate it.

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