I’m trying not to be smug.

Posted 06 Jan 2011 in motherhood, other people are awesome, RAD

But, dear internets, it is SO VERY HARD not to. I would like to scream “I told you so,” but I won’t.

(i told you so)

Yesterday, this story hit the newswire…again, discrediting “Doctor” Wakefield and severing the ties between vaccines and autism. From the article:

In the United States, more cases of measles were reported in 2008 than in any other year since 1997, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 90% of those infected had not been vaccinated or their vaccination status was unknown, the CDC reported.

“But perhaps as important as the scare’s effect on infectious disease is the energy, emotion and money that have been diverted away from efforts to understand the real causes of autism and how to help children and families who live with it,” the BMJ editorial states.

These two paragraphs speak VOLUMES. I’ll reiterate from the post from a little over a year ago that I wrote on the same subject – I’m not going to make any valiant attempts at changing anyone’s mind about whether they will vaccinate or not. However, if you’re on the fence, PLEASE look at the facts, and think about your child’s future. Or how horrible you’d feel if not only your child contracted measles, but then gave it to your best friend’s kid who also wasn’t vaccinated.

Autism SUCKS, I understand that. However, from what I understand polio sucks a lot harder. Like, a lot. I mean, FDR was a great dude but he suffered pretty bad. And whooping cough is no walk in the park either.

Let’s just break it down here; science is awesome. Smart people are kick ass. They know what they’re doing. Vaccines were created because of both of those things. Take advantage of them. Pretty please?


  1. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I posted this on my facebook wall and let me tell you the response. People were either in my camp and couldn’t agree more or telling me that I was a bad mom.
    Doctors are professionals and they tell us when to vaccinate so why anyone wouldn’t do it on schedule blows my mind.
    Now that this truth is out, hopefully people will start to focus on the real issue which finding a reason/cure for autism not questioning our parenting skills because we choose to vaccinate. Thanks for posting this. I referenced this in my post today as well!

  2. I’m an autism advocate, BUT my child has received every vaccination the doctor has lined up for us ON TIME! people don’t get that these disease are much worse then a week out of work. Children can die from chicken pocks! Children can get brain damage from too high of a temp. The likelihood that their child will have a horrible, possible dealy reaction to the disease is SO MUCH HIGHER then the likelihood that their child might get autism!

    Lets look at all of the hormones in our foods and bodies that we’re passing onto our children… hormones in animals to make the fatter, faster so that the farmers can meet with our crazy demand for cheap food even though we’re over populated and won’t give the farmers the land and money they need.

    good post!

  3. Jeff

    I hear mentions of “truth” and “facts.” Where are the truth and facts? Specifically, where are the details of how this person’s research was first conducted and analyzed, and now has presumably been debunked? I see only opinion statements in the media, which started this scare in the first place. I just hope people don’t claim they “know” the “facts” when all they really “know” are the published opinions put in the media, making their “knowledge” merely hearsay.

    Yes, diseases we are vaccinated for are terri-bad, but what if the “factual” reality is being covered up by our own media? What if, yes, the incidence of said diseases are lower, at the cost of permanent damage to our children and the health of future generations? What if we SHOULD be having these diseases, to educate our immune systems to fight other diseases? What if these vaccinations are really shooting us in the proverbial foot, when measured against our overall health?

    Being a trained scientist, I view ANY AND ALL opinion statements as suspect, especially those published by the media.

    I’m just saying. :)

    From personal experience, doctors really don’t always possess the best answers. They try, they really do, but not everything fits within our Western medical textbooks. I say this as someone who has non-textbook responses to a LOT of things, including vaccines. I have had to swear off the annual flu vaccine, for instance, as the vaccine gives me the flu, when I never have flu if I skip the vaccine. I’m talking documented medical history here, not opinion.

  4. estrella

    “Autism SUCKS” is a pretty harsh declarative, especially to readers who happen to be non-neurotypical (or those who love someone on the spectrum). There are a lot of people who embrace the fact that their minds work differently than others’. What sucks is that many people will fail to understand that differences are not always detriments, and that what’s typical is not always innately better.

  5. I totally agree with you and thought this study was bullshit when it came out. It’s one of many reasons why I can’t stand Jenny McCarthy too.

  6. @estrella – Just to clarify, when I said “Autism SUCKS” – I meant it in the way that autism on the whole is difficult to have; that I wish it was something that didn’t affect so many people. Not that people with autism suck.

  7. I had whooping cough (and mono at the same time, heh), despite having being vaccinated when i was little (this was before the popularization of the adult booster). Seriously, it SUCKS. I still have a shitty lung capacity because of it, and it’s 5 years later. Vaccinateeee. Also, it’s not fair if your germy nonvaccinated kid gets everyone ELSE sick.

  8. I am all about getting my children vacinated! Especially now after having a child with cancer. The risks of not doing it far outways the “what if’s”!

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