547 days old.

Posted 28 Apr 2011 in Abigail, baby business, motherhood, paparazzi

(That’s 1.5 years old for those of you who weren’t math majors. Or who don’t have a calculator handy.)

Yes, ladies and germs…Abigail Rita is a year and a half old, as of yesterday.

Last week she had her 18 month check, and she her stats were 26 pounds, and 32 inches.

She is just a ball of awesome. We love her so much. She talks so much…I can’t even begin to write out the list. She IS counting to two…which is effing awesome. She walks around saying “One…TWO!” about everything. We’re working on #3 now. :)

And now, some pictures of the pretty lady.

getting friendly with ants (gross) (and cute)

enjoying the park and rock collecting

my lovely baby sweets


  1. Happy year-and-a-half birthday Miss Abigail!! I can not WAIT to come there and hear her gab her cute little butt off to me.
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  2. She’s beautyous and so grown up already, aah! You’ve got yourself a great one there, mama. Happy early mother’s day!

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