It’s April 2nd. I’m not pregnant.

Posted 02 Apr 2011 in blog bidnass, I am awesome, other people are awesome

Oh interwebs. Pretending I was sparkle pregnant for a day was funny for me. I appreciate all the responses. Especially you, Mandy – because you were the first person I thought of when I posted this. :) Consider us still to be the official weathergals of BlogHer ’11. OOO. We need t-shirts. And The Weather Channel to be our sponsors.

I planned on putting a picture up of a smoking & drinking woman to prove my jokiness…and strangely enough, the majority of results are of smoking & drinking pregnant ladies. Uh, what? I’m not about to put one of those up. Unless it’s a picture of smoking & drinking pregnant me. Because HILARIOUS. ::side-eye::

Anyway – to sum up:

  • Not pregnant
  • I’m hilarious
  • I love you


  1. hey i’m just saying if i’m holding out on getting ktfu strictly for mah bitches and blogher debauchery, everyone else does too. ffs.

    sparkly pregnant was funny though.
    mandy recently posted..Mama Style Black &amp White &amp Loved All Over My Profile

  2. K

    I’m so happy i found this blog, seriously what a mean april fools joke–i love it and this blog.


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