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Tomorrow, my baby girl starts daycare.

(It’s also totally fitting that she has a cold right now. “Hi! It’s my daughter’s first day! Here’s her package of diapers and a random cold virus. See you at 5!”)

I’m really excited and also completely nervous for her as well. Yesterday we braved the heat and took the train downtown so she could hang out with her new friends for a little bit while I sat in the background. She made a bee-line for the toys and seemed just fine. Miss Rita welcomed her to the room and introduced her, resulting in about 6 toddlers yelling her name for the next 15 minutes, which freaked her out (as it should.) She immediately gained a “shadow” – a little girl who followed her every move and kept saying her name at random times. Eventually this both pissed off and frustrated Abby who couldn’t do anything without this little girl following her, so I hope that gets resolved, either with friendship or boredom on the other girl’s part.

There was a lot of routine there which she obviously was not aware of. And also had a hard time listening to. I tried to get her to follow some directions (“sit on the floor with the rest of the kids! wait your turn for the water fountain!”) but she was more interested in taking off and playing with the buggy they take trips in. She’s smart – I know she’ll have it down eventually, but it’s so hard to see my daughter be the “new kid.”

Seriously though? I’m so worried for her. When naptime comes she’s going to freak the eff out. And meals? She’s SO DAMN PICKY. It’s difficult knowing that for the first few weeks she’ll probably be exhausted and STARVING when I pick her up, but it will get better.

Full report tomorrow, including how long I cried after dropping her off.


  1. she will get in her groove. it’s bizarre how adaptable they are once mom is out of the room. (not that you shouldn’t be freaking out, because yeah)
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  2. Kim

    My little one is a picky eater as well, but her daycare sheet always says she ate everything given to her. I mentioned it to the doctor… supposably its peer pressure! I guess they think “The other kids are eating it, I guess I will too!” … and she is just a totally different person at daycare! She listens so well, shares, says please… She will be a teachers pet in no time!

  3. Liz

    don’t worry! we thought the same things about audrey and sleeping/eating but kids give into peer pressure remarkably well (which is sometimes good, ha ha)…if everyone else is sleeping and eating, maybe she will, too!

  4. We started three weeks ago and for the most part the adjustment has been okay. The drop offs in the beginning sucked, but the pick ups rocked! He napped like a champ and ate all sorts of things I never thought he would try. The hardest part for us is that he has been sick for three weeks…one virus after another just attacking him! Hang in there!
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