Mr. Marbles?

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Posted 15 Jul 2011 in not so much

I’m on no sleep. NO SLEEP!

(In case you’re missing the reference – here’s the clip from Seinfeld.)

Oh, I’m stressed.

Seriously though – my life for the last week has been like this episode of Seinfeld where Jerry & Kramer switch apartments and Jerry can’t sleep because of the Kenny Rogers Roasters sign. And Mr. Marbles. Except in this instance, the Kenny Rogers sign is Abby’s wraspy breathing and Mr. Marbles is my random night sweats.

Ladies and germs – Abby and I have the summer cold. Abby’s been sick for a week now, with both a double ear infection and pink eye in both eyes (which I’m thinking is just the cold virus in both eyes). I got sick on Tuesday…and since then it’s been nothing but muscle aches, sweats & chills, and copious amounts of snot & chest congestion. Grossed out yet?

It’s been SUCH A DRAG – this week and the next two are my busiest of the year at work and I have all these deadlines I’ve missed for people outside of work that I owe stuff (you know who you are, you’ll be getting emails soon) and then a pretty serious drama involving some friends that I don’t even have time to get into…

Hold on, grabbing my paper bag to breathe into…

Long story short, I haven’t had a serious good night’s rest in a week. And I’m close to punching my own lungs back to where they came from (that doesn’t make sense) with all this coughing.

So…yeah. Sorry for the delay with shiz and lack of posts and inability to form complete and proper sentences.



  1. Tracy

    Unfortunately you are going to have many effing rounds of this with Abby being in daycare. And yes, the eye goop is so from the cold. We went through that so many times with our Abby. Go get drops for that shit. It was the only thing that worked. Stops it right away. And whenever it came back with the next cold, we had the drops on hand to fix it right away. Oh the joys of daycare sickness. You start to wonder why you even put your kid in daycare when she spends so much time at the start of it at home, sick. And then you get sick. It gets better. Immune systems get stronger. At least that’s what everyone tells me. Hope you and Abby start to feel better soon. (hmmmm…i think i have an idea for a worky momma blog post now…. :) )

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