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Posted 25 Aug 2011 in other people are awesome, please and thank you

So, I have my BlogHer wrap-up post half done and sitting in my drafts folder. I wasn’t going to post anything here until I could get that up.

Then Abby got the Norovirus (that’s a stomach bug to you non-medical show watching folk) on Friday night. And then I got it on Monday night. And then the hubs got it last night.

I was going to come here and bitch and moan about HOW SICK I AM OF BEING SICK. And how much I hate watching my little girl be sick all the time. I’ve been cursing Abby’s daycare since Friday. Thinking about how unfair it’s been that we’ve ALL been sick all summer. And how my parents are visiting us this weekend and all I can do is worry about not getting THEM sick.

Then I read Ryan’s post today on his blog, Pacing the Panic Room, titled To Be So Brave. About a man who recently passed away due to complications of ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. A web series chronicling his life starting with his diagnosis was made. Ryan featured the trailer for the series on his site. I watched.

I excepted a man my father’s age. Instead, I saw someone MY AGE who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. His wife…someone my age with a husband slowly becoming a prisoner in his own body.

I watched, and I cried.

My God. Things could be so much worse. And I get all anxious and panicky and pissed off about a stomach bug and a few summer colds? Fuck that.

If you have time today, visit the Often Awesome website – where the web series is hosted and where you can read about the army of people that mobilized for Tim and his wife Kaylan’s sake. It is a beautiful story. I admit I haven’t watched the full series yet, mostly because I’m pretty sure it’s frowned upon at my workplace to ugly cry at your desk for 2 hours. I’ll do that in the privacy of my own home tonight.

Hug your loved ones, and remember to count your blessings every day. And pray to whichever God you so desire to find a cure for horrible diseases like ALS.


  1. Love this. I’m going to watch some over the weekend and ugly cry.

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