You’re a Libra, Aren’t Ya Darlin?!

Posted 03 Aug 2011 in blog bidnass, I am awesome, please and thank you, posting on-the-go

So, I’m at BlogHer! I’m in a room with 11 ladies shouting and gossiping and OMGITSSOFUN.

But I have awesome news! One of the other secrets I’ve been holding back is that I’m going to be a regular over at!

Today, my first stab at a monthly horoscope went live. Yeah. I’m a regular Miss Cleo. Act like you know.

Please hop over to BlogHer and read my post!

Brace Yourselves: Mercury In Retrograde


  1. I’m so sorry I didn’t get to see you. But OMG! Congrats on the BlogHer gig! Will you still associate with me when you are ultra famous?

  2. Wait…YOU WROTE THAT?? I thought you found it somewhere! That was FANTASTIC!!! You ARE a regular Miss Cleo. Keep it up! I see a great future for you in my crystal ball!!

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