Birthdays and butter.

Posted 13 Sep 2011 in I am a moron, retail therapy

Today, I turned 31. It sounds gross. 30? I was okay with. 31? No. It just sounds like a shitty comedy movie. Like, anything starring Tom Green.

Anyway, yesterday I went shopping for new work clothes for fall and spent an ungodly amount of money. I was anticipating getting some money from the folks (thanks, by the way!) and then just spent like, twice that. Whoops. But it’s all cool. I found a kick-ass dress at Nordstrom Rack for $25, amongst other things. (Ann Taylor Loft? I should own shares in their company by now.)

Then today at lunch, heated by my apparently nuclear temperature mac and cheese from Panera – a pad of butter pretty much sprayed all over my lap. And my new $25 dress.

All I’ve been able to smell is butter. Since noon today. (It’s nearly 6pm.)

Birthday and Butter – 1, Jenna – 0.


  1. Oh no!! I spilled butter on my new scarf today after wearing it for only 15 minutes so I feel your pain. And here’s a proper happy birthday message from me because the one I left on your FB page was really pessimistic, HAHA!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Let’s go get Dave Grohl as your present tomorrow!

  2. Sara

    Happy Birthday (again) (yesterday) and Happy Dave Grohl Day (today!) :)
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