Internet = Sparkly Unicorns

Posted 31 May 2012 in Abigail, marriage, motherhood, other people are awesome, paparazzi, RAD, The Hubs

(Sparkly Unicorns = Magic. Therefore, the Internet = Magic.)

Many moons ago, when I was newly with child (and let’s face it, before that even), I was on a website called The Bump. I met many wonderful ladies there – many of whom I’ve since met in person and have become internet friends with.

One of those ladies I referred to as “Bacon.” It became apparent that we lived in a fairly close proximity to each other, but we never met in person. Until Yo Gabba Gabba. Finally we’d broken the ice. We became Facebook friends (which is pretty serious, as far as I’m concerned) and had windows into each others FB lives.

When Bacon…I mean Melissa was looking to build her photography portfolio, I quickly volunteered myself and the whole family, because DUH.

I should revise the formula in the beginning. Melissa = Sparkly Unicorns = Magic.





  1. Bacon

    You just made me all internet tingly.

  2. Freddie Gael

    Its really an awesome post. You are right that its like magic. Thanks.
    Freddie Gael recently My Profile

  3. Melanie Reed

    I love the photos. All of them are awesome.
    Melanie Reed recently My Profile

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