The Pot Roast

Posted 08 Nov 2012 in I am a moron, marriage, motherhood

Hi there. Long time no see. You look thin. Let me make you something.

But maybe not a pot roast.

Monday, I worked from home. It was lovely. I mean, I struggled a bit with the whole working thing. (Eventually I got some work done.) Around 3pm or so, it was time for me to peel some potatoes and throw some carrots and meat into the Crock Pot I had just purchased that morning. I was going to make my first pot roast.

Let me stop here. How well do you know me? If you know me well, you know that I’m no chef. At all. Occasionally I luck out and make something and it’s awesome. My first time shot at a new recipe? It’s questionable, but usually edible. I figure out what I could have done better, and if I make it again, it usually is. In between all this “cooking” I do? I don’t cook. EVER. We eat pizza. Take-out. Spaghetti and store-bought sauce. Chicken nuggets. I’m not winning any parenting awards here. WE GET BY. I’ll repeat – I. DON’T. COOK. Full stop.

So, this past weekend, when I knew I was going to be home during the day, I figure now’s as good a time as any to try my hand at slow-cooking…Crock Pot style. I grab my spice packet from the Target bag, follow the directions (slice veggies and throw into pot, add meat, then combine spice packet + 1 cup water, pour over veggies and meat) and place the cover on the pot. There’s a four or eight hour cooking time options. I set the temperature, and know that when the hubs comes home from work four hours later, this place is going to smell wonderful and dinner will be served. Wife/Mom of the year? STEP RIGHT UP.

(I know that most of you probably do this shit at least twice a week and no one bats an eye. This seriously was like, a huge deal for me. No joke.)

I leave to pick up Abby an hour and a half later, and I can’t smell anything yet. I figure…it’s still got two and a half hours left. It’ll smell good soon. We get back, we play a bit…and I realize I’m still not smelling anything. I check the pot, without removing the cover. (See? I can follow directions!) It’s cooking, but…not what I would expect it would look like. Yet, I question nothing.

Seven o’clock rolls around. The hubs will be home in a half hour. Suddenly…a moment of clarity. Four hours on low. Four hours. On low. That doesn’t make any sense if there’s an eight hour option. Is there a lower setting than low? No. OH CHRIST ON A CRACKER I EFFING SET THE TEMPERATURE WRONG.

I dig the spice packet out of the trash and sure enough: “8 hours on low, 4 hours on high.” See what I did there? Let me show you: “8 hours on LOW 4 HOURS on high.”

All I could do was laugh at this point. I have a half hour to cook a roast another 4 hours. We’ll be eating at 11:30pm.

I managed to fuck up a crock pot recipe. It’s like…fate.

We ate spaghetti that night.

I took the pot out of the cooker around 8:30pm. Let it cool a bit and threw it in the fridge. I’d try again last night. I let it cook (longer maybe than needed but at this point it could only help me) but we still didn’t eat it because ELECTION NIGHT PIZZA WINE PANICCCCCC, but before bed I put it all into a plastic tub and threw it in the fridge. For tonight.

I put some on a plate for Abbers, heated it in the microwave for one minute. When it was done, I tried to cut it up into pieces for her – I swear that meat was so tough it’d kick all your teeth in before the fork passed your lips. TOTALLY inedible. The potatoes and carrots were alright but WHAT THE FLYING FUCK.

I seriously would love to pick up the entire Crock Pot and throw it out the window into the backyard where I could only hope that the squirrels would somehow find a way to make that thing their collective bitch.

(See how I’m mad at the Crock Pot? Like it’s the appliance’s fault I’m a moron?)


We ate frozen spring rolls for dinner tonight.

Please don’t call CPS.

(Side note – did you hear Dax Shepard & Kristen “Sloth” Bell are expecting their first?)


  1. Come to me! I will teach you the ways of the Crock Pot young Padawan!
    Miranda (Not Super…Just Mom) recently posted..US Babyhuddle: Social Shopping My Profile

  2. Dude, even people who actually like to cook (aka, me) can screw up even the simplest of recipes. Cooking’s hard, like science, and I sucked at science. I tried to make homemade tomato soup and the recipe was all, “Cool the soup and then put it into the blender for creamy goodness.” I was all, “F that. I’m hungry now. Into the blender you go, hot soup.” Guess what? Hot soup inside blender with a lid on top = explosion. Of tomato soup. All over beige walls. There were tears and all the soup went into the garbage disposal because I was mad at SOUP. But the next time I made it, I knew better and — ta-da — perfect soup. So, maybe by the time Abby is driving, you’ll be Julia F’ing Child. Wait, that word should not be in front of child. My apologies.
    Martini recently posted..It’s Just a Fracking Couch My Profile

  3. I blame the crock pot.
    Chelsey recently posted..Day 14: Paper Pinecone Garland My Profile

  4. oh dear.

    what has never convinced me about the whole crock pot thing is that the instructions are always like, stir every two hours! or three hours on low, two on high! or four hours then cool! and how the fuck was i supposed to do that while at work for 8 hours, HUH? HUH? what is so convenient about that at all?!

  5. I am a pretty good cook (after years of struggling) and yet I STILL manage to screw up dinner at least once a week. Last night I made ribs that were so raw – even after doubling the supposed cook time???? – that even the dog didn’t want them.

    Crock-pot sidebar: I have a recipe I wanted to try but it has to cook on low for 16 HOURS. If we want that for dinner, I have to get up at 2 am to start it. WHO DOES THAT???
    Suzanne recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping Beauty My Profile

  6. Ok I am going to teach you the ways.

    Can of coke (or two if it’s a big roast)
    beef broth
    two packets Lipton Onion Soup Mix
    random spices if you have them, if not just salt and pepper
    roast-like veggies (potato, onion, carrots…you know)

    put everything in except the veggies, water til the roast is covered.

    I put it in around 10/11. It’s ready for dinner. I almost always put it on high. A coupleish hours before dinner I throw in the veggies, so they are soft but not mush.


    Also the next day, (because this roast will be INCREDIBLY easy to eat and shred and will NOT be tough), shred the left over meat. slice up the left over potatos. And fry it all in butter and some Dale’s. IT IS AMAZING IN YOUR MOUTH.
    Alena recently posted..Babyhuddle – 1, 2, 3. My Profile

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