I’m a Negative Nancy.

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Posted 05 Jun 2013 in marriage, motherhood, RAD

And I could not be happier.

Last Thursday, for the first time since December, I pissed on a pregnancy test and got a negative. (That means not pregnant…in case there was any confusion.)

And today, I had the final blood draw that indicated I am officially no longer showing the pregnancy hormone. I totally have a vacant uterus AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.

Thing is, a month ago, this was not even close to being the case. A month ago, I had to have another D&C to get rid of remaining tissue that wasn’t taken care of the first time. This time though? They FINALLY got it all. I am finally back to being “normal.”

Meanwhile, nobody wants to buy our house, I’m swamped at work, and my kid just farted on me 4 times and exclaimed that she simply “can’t stop.” So…while things are annoying and my kid is turning out to be gross…I have something to be happy about.

Oh. And something else. I TOTALLY SCORED FLOOR TICKETS TO JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. (In February 2014.) If the stars align, I’ll be the (possibly pregnant) lady in her mid-30’s laugh-crying because she’s so close to the guy on stage wearing a suit & tie. Also standing next to her husband who is pretending to not know who the crazy lady is next to him.




  1. Sara

    so, hey. I just refollowed ya!

    1. I feel you on the vacant uterus thing. Bittersweet.
    2. I’m so afraid that Nobody Wants To Buy My House that I’ve avoided thinking about all the shit work that will go into fixing it up to sell. Vicious cycle.
    3. Everything’s coming up Milhouse is a STAPLE quote in my house. :)
    Sara recently posted..a video for a friend My Profile

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