The Keyhole

Posted 20 Aug 2013 in Abigail, motherhood


Every night, Abby asks us to sit outside her door after we tuck her in. And every night, we pretend to and then go to bed.

Last night, Abby called our bluff. She called for one of us, asked why we weren’t behind the door, and when we said we were, she said…

“No, you weren’t. I looked through the keyhole and you were in bed.”

We were outsmarted by a 3 year old.


  1. In 2nd grade I lived with my dad, and there was a key hole that was perfectly placed to see the TV. I used to stay up and watch In Living Color through the keyhole. lol
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  2. Sara

    We tell Oliver that he has to go to sleep so we can go to bed. 2 weeks ago he woke up & found us on the couch watching TV. “Why are you not in your bed? Why do you have those snacks?!?”

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