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The 4 month check.

Posted 08 Mar 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category Abigail, baby business

Abby had her four month appointment Friday afternoon. Her new stats are 14lbs 14ozs and 26″ tall! Long and lean, my little one is.

This is a total post and run for now, she’s napping and I MUST try to nap as well. Not enough sleep last night. Thanks Oscars.

Keywords and cheek nomming.

Posted 05 Mar 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category Abigail, blog bidnass, paparazzi

Lately I’ve been having a problem with Abby’s cheeks.

I want to nom on them all the time. I can’t stop. THEY LOOK SO DELICIOUS.

I mean, seriously, how could you not want to give those cheeks a nibble? I DARE YOU NOT TO NIBBLE.

Also, as a random fact – a couple keywords that have brought people to my blog:

“Hair Club phone number”
“older ladies of the night”

Hilarity. A more serious post coming up.

The obligatory "One year ago today" post.

Posted 02 Mar 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category Abigail, baby business, marriage, motherhood, paparazzi
I peed on one of these a year ago today.
We were in Mexico on a trip with my parents.
It was positive.
I sat on sink, covered my mouth, smiled and then laughed for a good minute before telling the hubs.
It was 6am after all.
Eight months later…
We love you little Abigail.

4 months.

Posted 28 Feb 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category Abigail, paparazzi

My dear sweet Abigail,

You’re FOUR MONTHS OLD TODAY. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.

To celebrate being such a big girl, you decided to show us your new skills – babbling, blowing raspberries and spitting all over your daddy. He couldn’t be more proud of you.

You’re just getting so stinkin’ big. We tried to be away from you for a week while in Mexico and we simply couldn’t stand it. We missed you so much. Never again will we leave you for that long. Or…until we forget how much it sucked being away from you.

Pretty soon you’re going to start teething. And sitting up on your own. And then driving your own car. And then calling me to tell me you met some awesome dude and you’re going to get married and I’ll be all “But what kind of music does he listen to” and then…

Whatever. Point being, you can slow down with the growing up. It’s already going too fast.

Love you much,
Momma & Daddy.

Blargh: Why I should have stopped at a pharmacia in Mexico.

Posted 25 Feb 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category Abigail, paparazzi
lil’ miss abbers. no reason for this pic except OMG I LOVE HER.

I’ve almost completely convinced myself that I have ADD. I have been thinking about a fafillion things other than work WHILE AT WORK today, including but not limited to:

  • Getting my taxes done
  • Blogging about Mexico
  • Abby in general
  • Signing up to attend BlogHer
  • Taxes
  • Trying to plan a trip to Vegas in April
  • Scheduling a weekend to visit my parents
  • Penciling in laundry
  • Pondering why I can’t be a stay at home mom
  • Oh, and taxes.

I keep trying to think about just ONE THING AT ONCE and it’s not happening.

Did you know you can buy Ritalin in “pharmacies” in Mexico? Without a prescription? Because you can – amongst other things, like Amoxicillin and Viagra. Also a tidbit I picked up while there – Dramamine in Mexico is called Vomicin. I shit you not. I’ll take a photo of the packaging when I get home. It was a running joke between the hubs and I during our vacation.

Anyway – I’ve been trying to figure out how to recap our Mexico trip. It had it’s own disasters. However, I can’t wrap my brain around the vacation enough to be able to write about it in a way that isn’t long, drawn out bitching. So…maybe I’ll do it in a few days when I have my head on right. We did have SOME fun. Swearzies.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep staring at my gorgous little stinker until the clock hits five.