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Here we go again.

Posted 16 Oct 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs

Because I need to tell someone, and I swore not to tell anyone because we might jinx it – what better way to clear my head than inadvertently telling the whole world? We found another house. And we’re hopefully going to make an offer on it today, barring any unforeseen circumstances. This one is a goodie. The only thing it’s lacking is a dishwasher, which may or may not be able to be added at a later date. But the house is so freaking cute! Three bedrooms, 1 3/4 bathrooms, finished basement, fireplace, central air! And just a couple blocks from the light rail! Okay…I need to calm down. I feel like I’m setting myself up for disaster yet again.

In any case, I emailed the numbers to our mortgage Queen, Anne so we can get the ball rolling, and we will be signing our offer after work.

Please, everyone in the blogging world that may read this – fingers crossed! We need all the help we can get! If this falls through, we’re moving in with one of you guys. :) Martini – you’re first on the list. :)

Slowly crawling away from death’s door…

Posted 08 Oct 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs, The Hubs

So, here I am at work, sort-of back in the land of the living, after a long weekend of sleeping and being sick. I left work on Thursday around noon, and didn’t come back until today. Some sort of bronchial issue, I assume. I had a meeting with my boss’ boss today, and he made me sit as far away from him in his office as possible, while I sucked on a cough drop and breathed into a Kleenex. And now, at 2pm…I’m having a Power-C Vitamin Water, with a Smart Water back.

Aside from thinking I was going to die this weekend, it was a weird one, at best. Friday night the hubs and I went to First Ave to see Girl Talk, Dan Deacon, The Show is the Rainbow, and Tay Zonday. Have any idea who any of those people/artists/DJs are? Maybe the last guy. He got pretty famous from his little You Tube stint. (If you still don’t know – view it here.) In any case, the rest was just insane – like a house party full of wasted 18 year olds ready to dance to the most bizarre shit I’ve ever seen. The whole debacle didn’t start until 11pm, and we stayed until just after 2am. (Which more than likely assisted me in feeling like ass.) Here’s a good idea of what the night was like –

Girl Talk is just a dude with a Mac that does really good mash-ups of songs. Such a weird night.

Saturday we had another day of house hunting. It’s getting hard, I’m still holding out for “the feeling” when we see a house, and I haven’t gotten one since the house we put an offer on a couple weeks ago. I’m not willing to just take any house, because I want what’s best for the hubs and I, and whatever offspring that may occur in the next 5-10 years. The hubs on the other hand, wants a house so bad, that his expectations are nearly on the opposite end of the spectrum as me. He’s getting frustrated with me and I feel bad because I want a house just as bad as he does…but I’m just not willing to settle. *sigh* Everyone PLEASE – say a little prayer or cast a spell or something that we come across the house of our dreams soon. :)

House hunting report.

Posted 06 Sep 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs

Well, we looked at a bunch of houses in Richfield last night. One was a slight possibility, but…I dunno. The backyard was AWESOME – huge with a fire pit. It had a dining room (nearly impossible to find in houses in our price range, or of houses that we seem to look at) and a “finished” basement that needed a little work. But, it had everything we wanted. HOWEVER, the bedrooms were TINY, and there were only two. The “master bedroom” had a full size bed in it, and that was a tight fit. Considering I registered for stuff for the hubs’ queen size bed – our room will at least have to be able to fit that. :) So, back to the drawing board. Not to mention I didn’t have the feeling in that house, like that was it. I AM supposed to get that feeling, right?

Anyway, we’re going to try to go out again on Saturday with Mary Jane, our Realtor, and then open houses on Sunday.

I’m secretly hoping that my unspoken plan of living in a new house by Halloween comes true. But, I’m not going to sell ourselves short with a lame house in exchange. :)

Not much to report, or maybe there is?

Posted 28 Aug 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs, marriage

So, I figure I should post something since I haven’t really since the wedding. But, not is happening so, not much to say.

This weekend we’re going to Oshkosh/Fondy for a friend’s wedding shower and to spend some time with friends and family (while not at our wedding!). We didn’t get to talk to many people during the wedding so it will be nice to just hang out. The weather looks gorgeous, and we have a nice 3 day weekend to spend there. Monday night we have tickets to see Ben Harper in Minneapolis so that will be fun.

(I should also mention I got to see my favorite band Queens of the Stone Age twice last weekend, along with Rage Against the Machine. SO EFFING GOOD. It was worth all the rain soaked clothes, lost sleep, miles driven, and potential illness induced by it all.) :)

Starting next Tuesday-ish, the hubs and I are going to start looking for houses, officially and for real. We’re going to try to be in a house by this fall and I am SO EXCITED! We can’t wait to get out of our apartment. It’s long overdue.

Also, we’re going to attempt to get our “thank yous” done this week from the wedding too. It’s been nice to not have to think about wedding stuff for a few weeks, but we need to get in gear and take care of that already. So, sit tight, yours will be in the mail soon!