Here we go again.

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Posted 16 Oct 2007 in house stuffs

Because I need to tell someone, and I swore not to tell anyone because we might jinx it – what better way to clear my head than inadvertently telling the whole world? We found another house. And we’re hopefully going to make an offer on it today, barring any unforeseen circumstances. This one is a goodie. The only thing it’s lacking is a dishwasher, which may or may not be able to be added at a later date. But the house is so freaking cute! Three bedrooms, 1 3/4 bathrooms, finished basement, fireplace, central air! And just a couple blocks from the light rail! Okay…I need to calm down. I feel like I’m setting myself up for disaster yet again.

In any case, I emailed the numbers to our mortgage Queen, Anne so we can get the ball rolling, and we will be signing our offer after work.

Please, everyone in the blogging world that may read this – fingers crossed! We need all the help we can get! If this falls through, we’re moving in with one of you guys. :) Martini – you’re first on the list. :)

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