Offer remorse IS a real thing!

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Posted 17 Oct 2007 in house stuffs

It’s funny, our Realtor said this kind of thing happens, no matter how much you like a house, but that you’ll always start to second guess yourself when you have an offer in. The hubs and I are apparently sufferers of the same.

So, yes, we DID put an offer on the house last night. Then we went to the hubs’ folks house and ate some of their food (since we have none and don’t get paid until tomorrow) and then decided to drive by the house.

A few things we didn’t really realize when we looked at the house the first time are as follows:

1) The house is nearly kitty-corner to a High School. This is one of the bigger high schools in Minneapolis. And we’re not talking prep school either. It’s a little, shall we say, inner city. Friday nights during the fall will include bumper to bumper cars parked in front of “our” house for football games, and people EVERYWHERE. Not too big of a deal, I guess. Summers will be more quiet, at least.

2) We didn’t drive through the alley when we looked at the house. Turns out, the garage on “our” house is one of only a handful that DIDN’T have graffiti (evidence of old or new) on the garage. That kind of sucks. I mean graffiti happens in uptown all the time, but not on my property. It worries me slightly. I mean, the house is great and overall the neighborhood is nice, but it’s not the white picket fence variety of all the neighbors being friends and whatnot that I had initially and irrationally imagined.

I guess it comes down to this. The hubs and I plan on, should we get this house, having a security system installed pretty quickly. I don’t think anyone’s going to rob us so much…I’ll just feel better knowing we have one. :) I still love the house, regardless of it’s surroundings – and I think that’s all that matters. I just won’t be walking around at 2am by myself. Not that I was planning on it…

So, here we are then…9:15am…and just waiting to hear what they say. This being our FOURTH offer (our Realtor reminded us of one we wrote up and never even got to deliver on a house in February) – we might actually get to experience what a counter-offer is like. Weird!

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