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Midday V-Day randoms.

Posted 14 Feb 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category marriage

Today, I got tulips from the hubs. And heartburn from Chipotle. :) And a card from my mom with a picture of a baby on the front with the inside that reads: Warning. Valentine’s Day can cause babies.

It’s going pretty well so far. Aside from the heartburn, which needs to alleviate itself before we go to my favorite Greek restaurant tonight, Santorini.

Happy Valentines Day.

Posted 14 Feb 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category marriage, The Hubs

This just makes me laugh…

Because I’m tired of feeling guilty for being happy on Valentine’s day…

And, just for the hubs because I know you read…I thought this was appropriate for us. :)

Work = a little much.

Posted 17 Jan 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category marriage

I hate the fact that the last time I blogged was Monday. Nearly every night for the past two weeks I’ve worked late and/or at home in the evening. I haven’t really packed a thing for my trip in 3 days. (Unless you call dumping your “summer drawer” out on the floor next to your suitcase and also throwing a tube of sunscreen in for good measure.)

So I’m taking a break from working now. I think that’s fair. I put in a good 12 hours yesterday.

I can’t effing wait to get on that plane Sunday morning. The temperature when we leave for the airport is forecast to be about -10 degrees. The average temperature in Costa Rica for the past few days has been about 87. Much, much better.

In case I don’t blog again before we leave – here’s what the next 60 or so hours have in store for me…

Today: Work until like, 6pm, go home, make mac and cheese for dinner, sign on and work again around 8pm. Try to do laundry while making mac & cheese, eating and working.

Friday: Work till 5pm. (I refuse to work any later than that.) Have dinner with husband’s parents. Look at some dining table we might get for free. Get home late. Maybe try to pack?

Saturday: Clean the house. Have our Realtor and mortgage lady over to see the house (finally). Get a 90 minute massage. (YESSSS!) Pack if I haven’t yet and prep the kitties for being alone for 8 days. Tell them I love them and smother them with kitty kisses.

Sunday morning, approx. 2:30 am: Get up. (Ridiculous.) Try to get husband up. Shower. Try to get husband up again. Call cab. Get husband to pack his suitcase. Go to airport by 3:30am. (Just kidding dude! Well, kind of. You know you’re hard to get up.)

BTW – the picture above is of one of the bungalows like we’re staying in. GET ME ON THAT PLANE!

A post with no purpose.

Posted 03 Jan 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category marriage, retail therapy

I don’t really have anything to blog about right now, but I feel I should blog since it’s Thursday and…I’d like to try and blog every day.

I’ll give a summary of my yesterday. I worked pretty hard all day, and then right around 3:30 or so, I dumped a decent portion of my hot chocolate all over my keyboard. I spent a good 15 minutes trying to sop it out and clean it up. I can smell old hot chocolate right now. It’s kinda gross. If I could just get a Mac…. Anyway, I worked until 5 or so, hopped on the train and went home. It was SO FREAKING COLD yesterday. The hubs and I decided on a frozen pizza and dinner in front of the fireplace. It was super cozy. Miles the cat laid down on me around 9pm and we both dozed off until 10 or so when I watched the news. Then we watched Leno, Letterman, and then Conan. Conan had a beard. So did Letterman but I don’t like him as much. It was a wonderful night.

Another random fact – 2 weeks from Sunday I leave for Costa Rica for our delayed honeymoon, and my good friend L’s wedding. SO EXCITED. I bought Costa Rica books and a “Costa Rican Spanish” pocket book. We’ll be there for 8 days. It’s going to be AWESOME. Monday, I ordered 5 dresses online for possible choices for L’s wedding. Four from VS and one from Zumiez. :) Yeah, I’m a 14 year old girl. Anyway, I intend on sending all but one of them back. (Please note intend is in italics. For a reason.)

Also, I bought these shoes on Tuesday. Again, I am a 14 year old girl.

I always wish I could be more of a girly girl, or be more…”adult,” but I keep buying tee shirts and sneakers and never buying heels or fancy clothes. I’ve sort of come to the realization I’m just not going to be one of those girls, ever. I’m having a hard time accepting it, but I’m getting used to it. Someday, I’ll unpack my shoes and give a grand total of sneaker to fancy shoe ratio. :)

Alright, that’s it for my Thursday ramblings. Good day.

Let the nesting begin.

Posted 18 Dec 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs, marriage

After being gone from my internet so long, I’ve forgotten nearly everything I wanted to blog about!

I’ll just recap.

Friday: Woke up and drove to our closing. It was freakin FREEZING out. Closing went well. Signed my name 3,294 times. Signed once with my maiden name by accident – oops – just to much pressure with having to remember my middle initial and everything. Handed over our dollars, they got theirs, we got keys. It was not as exciting as I thought it would be. (Mostly because we couldn’t really get in the house until 10am Saturday.) We went and got lunch, then picked up the truck. The hubs and his brother-in-law loaded up the stuff from his parents house and I went to Target and spent $$. Went home and finished packing up the apartment.

Saturday: Woke up bright and early – moved all day. Boo-boo (the cat) did not care for the move at all. He basically just growled and hissed for about 20 hours. He’s better now. Miles (the cat) took it pretty well. He’s such a nice boy. (That’s because he’s mine. The hubs’ cat’s the unsociable one. :)

The hubs’ mom, sister and I unpacked the kitchen and put the bed together while the boys rested between trips. Thank god they helped with that stuff. It was fun unpacking all the wedding gifts. It’s like everything in our kitchen is brand new!

Sunday: The most fun day. The hubs and I decided to go and buy the things we needed (and wanted) for the house. I’ll fill you in on the fun purchases:

PetSmart: Christmas toys for the kitties and a pet door for the laundry room so they can get in to poop while the door is closed.

Crate and Barrel: Misc stuff. Mostly fulfilling the registry, getting our 10% off and using $300 in gift cards. I wish shopping was always like that. :)

Slumberland Furniture: An ottoman. Was $250, on sale for $99, then a “deep discount” price of $50.

IKEA: Two dressers (one for him and one for me), a little table for the stereo in the living room, and a “coffee table” we’re using as a TV stand.

Target: Table runner for Christmas party, outdoor firepit, new trash can, baking soda for the fridge, silverware organizer, fireplace tools, etc. More gift cards spent.

Home Depot: Shovels, ice spade, rugs for snowy boots. :)

And that was that. We unpacked all that stuff, I put together the coffee table and little table and I decided I needed to take Monday off to get crap done. The hubs decided to try for our first fire in the fireplace, which resulted in the house filling up with smoke. Apparently the flue is a little temperamental.

Monday: Febreezed everything in the house to get rid of the smoky smell. Put together the dressers (PITA), unpacked the guest room, rest of the kitchen, put things where they needed to be. Most importantly, the cable guy came and hooked us up. Hooray! I didn’t feel at home until I was on the couch with the laptop checking my email.

I think we’re putting up our tree tonight. This week is going to fly by. I still have to buy my mom a Christmas gift. The hubs hasn’t even begun his shopping.


But we’re in our house. I LOVE it. Pictures coming soon.