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Posted 17 Jan 2008 in marriage

I hate the fact that the last time I blogged was Monday. Nearly every night for the past two weeks I’ve worked late and/or at home in the evening. I haven’t really packed a thing for my trip in 3 days. (Unless you call dumping your “summer drawer” out on the floor next to your suitcase and also throwing a tube of sunscreen in for good measure.)

So I’m taking a break from working now. I think that’s fair. I put in a good 12 hours yesterday.

I can’t effing wait to get on that plane Sunday morning. The temperature when we leave for the airport is forecast to be about -10 degrees. The average temperature in Costa Rica for the past few days has been about 87. Much, much better.

In case I don’t blog again before we leave – here’s what the next 60 or so hours have in store for me…

Today: Work until like, 6pm, go home, make mac and cheese for dinner, sign on and work again around 8pm. Try to do laundry while making mac & cheese, eating and working.

Friday: Work till 5pm. (I refuse to work any later than that.) Have dinner with husband’s parents. Look at some dining table we might get for free. Get home late. Maybe try to pack?

Saturday: Clean the house. Have our Realtor and mortgage lady over to see the house (finally). Get a 90 minute massage. (YESSSS!) Pack if I haven’t yet and prep the kitties for being alone for 8 days. Tell them I love them and smother them with kitty kisses.

Sunday morning, approx. 2:30 am: Get up. (Ridiculous.) Try to get husband up. Shower. Try to get husband up again. Call cab. Get husband to pack his suitcase. Go to airport by 3:30am. (Just kidding dude! Well, kind of. You know you’re hard to get up.)

BTW – the picture above is of one of the bungalows like we’re staying in. GET ME ON THAT PLANE!

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