Still alive, possibly with a side of malaria.

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Posted 28 Jan 2008 in uncategorized

Hello! I have roughly 4 minutes to make some sort of post on here before I have a meeting and then go back home to sleep.

Costa Rica was, to say the least, awesome. We had so much fun. I got burned to a crisp (and had to admit to the husband that maybe my choice of SPF 4 on my first day was a bad one), eaten alive by mosquitoes, and generally had a great time. I’ll post a few pictures in the next couple of days.

Here’s a climate change wrap up.

We left on Sunday, 1/20 – the temperature at 3am was -11 degrees Fahrenheit.
Sunday 1/20 through Sunday 1/27 – temperature in Costa Rica – roughly 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
We got home at midnight Sunday 1/27 , and the temp was 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

I think my body is in a small state of shock. Peeling sunburn, bug bites, and a down parka and cashmere scarf? None of it adds up. :)

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