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Prepare yourselves.

Hey! Do you follow me on Twitter? I hope so. If you don’t, YOU SHOULD. Because Thursday, I’m leaving on a long weekend trip to visit my bestie Amanda. (You should follow her too. I guarantee there will be hilarity via Twatting.) (Wait, her account is locked down. I’ll have a chat with her about this.)

Anyway, YES! I have a weekend away from home, meaning a weekend away from the hubs and Abbers. I will miss them both very very dearly, but OH MY GOD do I need a girls weekend. It’s been no secret I’ve been in The Funk lately and I’ve had just about enough of it. I’ve been trending towards more of the happys lately, but I think this weekend might just help. Or being away from my little family will send me in a downward spiral of despair. Whatevs. There’ll be shopping and lots of the drink so I’m sure I’ll cope somehow. :) (No, family members reading this, I’m not an alcoholic. Yet.)

SO – tune into Twitter starting Thursday afternoon. I’ll be twittering lots and lots until Monday when I return. I’ll be flying to Phoenix, going to an 80s themed happy hour, driving to historic Prescott, AZ…and seeing Sex & The City 2. Then somehow finding my way through the Sky Harbor Airport in a massively hungover state to fly back home.

Speaking of Sex & The City 2, have you seen this video? I swear to you it is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I’ve watched it a million times and tears come to my eyes EVERY SINGLE TIME. So…watch it. And follow this guy on Twitter.

PS – Got the kitchen painted. THANK THE GODS. It looks awesome, btw.

In all seriousness…

Posted 26 May 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category marriage, motherhood, not so much

So, this is the post I started last week that was going to be a more serious post. Turns out, all I even typed out was the title. But I still remember the topic.

I’m going to jump around here a bit. Stay with me.

It seems like lately, all I’m doing is wishing for things to be different. So much so that it nearly consumes my thoughts when I have a spare moment to daydream. My biggest wish? To win the lottery or suddenly be handed a crap-ton of money. I know, I know – a lot of people wish for the same thing. But I think about it ALL THE TIME. Because it would for the most part, solve a lot of my problems. Again – I know this would also solve a lot of problems for other people, but we’re talking about ME, people. IT’S ALL ABOUT ME! *cough* Anyway…

I wish so badly every day that I could be a stay at home mom. EVERY DAY. This just isn’t possible because we need my income. In fact, I’m trying to start working four 10 hour days (instead of four 8 hour days) in order to get back to 40 hours a week and more money.

So, in essence, a lotto win would equate to never having to work again. And the thought makes me so happy that I simply cannot stop thinking about it. I don’t even think about what else I could do with the money, just knowing I could stay home with Abby is enough. I’m so happy when I’m with her. But when I’m not…

I also am having a hard time with my emotions lately. I’m usually a pretty happy person, but I seem to be crying more often and just kind of in a funk that I can’t shake. I have a huge group of ladies I love more than any e-buddies evar, but I can’t bring myself to talk with them much anymore. I don’t really talk to any of my IRL friends anymore either, save one. I don’t know why. It has nothing to do with them and everything to do with me. I keep blaming my hormones (DAMN THIS MIRENA!) but I don’t know if that’s it. And I’m not ready to start waving the PPD flag, because seriously? I just can’t. I don’t feel like that’s me. And that just leaves me…here. With no answers. Feeling slightly crazy and just hoping that tomorrow I’ll feel better. Some days I do. Others, not so much.

I kind of just feel trapped in my own mind. Like, if I vocalize my inner monologue EVER I will surely be locked up in some sort of looney bin or asylum for special people. I have a lot of issues I need to work out regarding a lot of things, but instead I choose to keep everything locked up, because I simply do not feel like dealing with anything.

::deep breaths::

So…there’s my serious post. I don’t know how I feel about actually putting all of this out there, but I am. I kind of feel like I’m in that dream where you’re in the middle of a crowd with no clothes on and everyone is staring at you. I guess I’m just hoping that someone out there can hand me a robe. Preferably one made of lightweight cotton. It’s warm out, doode.

Because it wouldn’t be a vacay without drama.

Posted 20 Apr 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category marriage, not so much, The Hubs

After this past weekend in Vegas, it occurred to me that I never divulged the deets of our Mexico trip. I’ll wrap it up in a quick, non-sentence sentence. Direct deposit from my work that never went through, shitty rooms, all-inclusive crap food, hubs lost his cell phone, Chitchen Itza tour eff-up times 2.

We did still manage to enjoy our trip, despite almost DAILY dramz. I even got a little tan. (high-five.)

SO. Vegas. VEGAS! We were so excited. Sun, booze, gambling, shopping and excellent rock ‘n’ roll. What more could we ask for? Oh, dear god. We should have known.

Our flight in was just fine. Originally, Delta was dickish enough to put us in seats not even close to being in the same part of the plane. Did I mention they did this to us on our return flight from Mexico? Because they did. Thankfully we were quite early to the airport on Thursday and managed to get into an exit row in seats next to each other. WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT. (I know, right?!) We got to Vegas, collected our suitcase, headed to the hotel, and then to the Earl of Sandwich because we were starving and apparently that’s all that’s open at 12:30am in Vegas.

Friday – we had lunch (because the line for the breakfast buffet was OUT OF CONTROL) and had some delicious drinks. Then we shopped. The hubs bought me a few items at Anthropologie (including my dress for April!) and to reward him for being such a great dude, I offered to buy him a margarita in one of those yard glasses that everyone drinks out of in Vegas. We waltz up to a stand in the middle of the Forum Shops in Caesars and order two.

“Which tequila?” they ask, and rattle off a list of crap that I don’t remember because they said Patron and I stopped listening.

Patron it is! The hubs whispers to me “this is going to be like, $100.” I laugh and say “As if!” (because I love quoting Clueless) and watch as they make our drinks. I’m counting the shots of tequila get poured in…1…2…3…4…….5?! Holy crap. And I’m still not doing the math in my head. She rings us up and says something that sounded like one hundred something, so I thought I misunderstood. Then I look at the price. $107.50. FOR TWO DRINKS. I start laughing hysterically and look at the hubs. I cannot afford this. So he pays. HE PAYS $100 FOR TWO DRINKS. Of course the were gigantic and would last all day, but my god?! Ridic. I have a picture. I’ll share later.

We walk around a bit more and then pit stop at our hotel so we can dump the remainders of our margaritas into cups sans ice to we are set for drinks for the rest of our trip. I filled FIVE GLASSES with our remnants. Thank god we didn’t drink it all or we’d both be dead in the middle of the desert or something.

Anyway, we spent the rest of the day gambling, shopping some more and watching the Twins. We had a 10 o’clock reservation at Olives at Bellagio – a fancy italian restaurant. We went back to the room, changed and had dinner.

Now…at some point during his meal, the hubs said “this doesn’t seem like it’s cooked all the way” and continued eating the veal anyway. Bad…bad idea.

Seven in the morning, he gets up. The sounds emanating from the bathroom do not sound good. I write it off to the cream sauce from the food and the patron. However, he does not get better. It only gets worse. By 11am he was barfing. And I had a bad feeling about the rest of the day. Around 3pm I left to get him some saltines and some gatorade. I got back and he looked half dead – face pale white and lips totally dry and cracked. He couldn’t even keep water down.

He told me I was going to the show by myself.

I sent a text to my friend A back in Minneapolis. Flights to Vegas were $700 and she wouldn’t get in until 10pm. No dice. My other friend A in Phoenix was broke and couldn’t come. My other friend S lived 8 hours away and wouldn’t make it in time. BLAST! I was going alone.

But I did. And I was fine. The show was AWESOME. (I’m talking Them Crooked Vultures, here. SO GOOD. If you like musics, you should like them. Or maybe that’s just me.) Made friends with a couple girls who’d driven there from Fresno, and then waited in a 45 minute cab line when the show was over. I got home to my hubby who had finally stopped barfing and showed him the pictures & poster I’d bought, and we went to bed.

He was a little better the next day, so we were able to make our 3pm flight. I feel so bad that he missed a whole day in Vegas…but I’m so happy he’s better. I’m also happy he didn’t barf on me on the plane.

So yeah. That’s two trips in 3 months…our first ones alone…and both were mildly disasterous.

Is there a trick to traveling without dramz? Someone tell me.

Sleepovers and the marital bed.

Posted 09 Apr 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category marriage, The Hubs

Okay, before you get all “YES! A post about sex!” may I remind you that both my mother-in-law (hi, Chris) and MY GRANDMOTHER read this and you will not be getting any inside info about my sex life. So, go ahead and crack open the latest Penthouse forum and pretend you read it here. Wait. Don’t do that either. That’s gross.

This week has been less than awesome and I’m pretty sure when midnight on Saturday rolls around I’m going to offer this week a big middle finger and then run less than gracefully into the arms of next week.

However, it made me recognize how important my family and friends are, most importantly the hubs. The days this week have been rough, to say the least, but nights with him made me smile. We’d climb into our bed, turn the Twins game on the TV, laugh and make jokes. I’d stick my cold feet on his legs. We’d laugh about some stuff until I nearly had tears in my eyes. It reminded me of sleepovers when I was younger.

I realized some nights can feel like a sleepover when you’re married. Even more so when you have kids, because you have to shush each other occasionally, like when you were worried your parents would wake up and tell you to SHUT UP IT’S TWO IN THE MORNING.

However, some nights are not like sleepovers, like when your husband goes to a concert, and although you’re able to sleep through the door being unlocked and alarm being disarmed/rearmed, the husband getting ready for bed and then drunkenly climbing in…he decides to wake you up to let you know that he plans on buying tickets for another concert in June and did you know Julian Casablancas was rightthere at the club standing next to him and blah blah blah. And then I’m all SHUT UP IT’S TWO IN THE MORNING.

(you know I love you, Mr. Hubs. even when you’re extra talky at 2am.)

A MIL update.

Posted 24 Mar 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category marriage

The hubs’ mom made it through the surgery, which ended up being more like 10 hours rather than 6, but they got all of the stubborn tumor out. I haven’t been able to visit her yet, but I think Abby and I will be going up this evening after the hubs gets off of work.

Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers!