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Ever feel like you’re drowning?

Posted 09 Jan 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much

I’m sitting at work thisclose to a panic attack. I have 3 weeks of work to get done in 1.5 weeks. I’ve already divvied out enough work to my coworkers and yet I’m still busy.

Then little fires pop up, and I have to scramble to put them out. Then I start over thinking projects and can’t wrap my mind around how to complete them and how I do things. Heart starts racing, mind is racing – cue panic attack.

Someone told me about an hour ago that I have work I have to do next Thursday night at 8pm for a launch, and I don’t know what they’re talking about. I told them to just tell me what I needed to do and I’d do it…and they weren’t sure.

On top of work, I have a little over a week before we leave for Costa Rica and I have so much crap to do, both in and out of work, that I’m not even excited anymore. I’m scared of what I’ll have to face after I’ve been gone from work for a week.

I’m just completely overwhelmed.

On a side note, this is my 100th post on this blog. (insert champagne and fireworks here.)

I am catty.

Posted 31 Dec 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much

I don’t know if it’s because it’s Monday or if this is just “normal” me, but the following thought just passed my mind as a woman in front of me failed to hold the elevator in my office building.

“Whatever, I don’t want to be stuck an elevator with someone who has the audacity to wear red Uggs with a pink down coat.”


I (heart) Mondays

Posted 19 Nov 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much

This past weekend was incredibly trying. I won’t get into details, except to say that I was really looking forward to today. I never thought I would say I was looking forward to a Monday morning at work – but this was a good case. And then I actually got to work. Suddenly I was wishing it was the weekend again.

But, Angie reminded me that at LEAST it’s a short week. I had forgotten! THANK GOD.

Anyone else have a weird weekend? I’ll recap mine briefly.

Trip to Wisconsin.
Trip to Illinois from Wisconsin.
Husband with motion sickness.
Wedding for cousin.
Trip from Illinois back to Wisconsin.
Driving from Wisconsin to Minnesota with trailer attached to truck and winter storm like weather.
All of my keys to apartment and car being lost completely.

Anyone beat that? Anyone?

Bridge Collapse

Posted 02 Aug 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much, wedding whatnots

So, by now everyone in the world has heard about the bridge over the Mississippi that collapsed during rush hour. It’s a totally surreal thing when this type of event occurs within such close proximity. The hubs and I were at home about to work on assigning tables when there was breaking news about a bridge collapse. We immediately (subconsciously) assumed California or something, since everything bad seems to happen there (no offense all you Californians), and when they announced it was I-35W over the Mississippi (a mere five or so miles from our house), our jaws dropped.

“Holy CRAP” were the only words either of us uttered, but then our focus quickly turned to making sure all our friends and family were okay. Cell phones were useless at this point, as everyone else had the same idea. It was eerily similar to what happened during 9/11. (Clearly not as catastrophic, but similar circumstances.) The hubs eventually got a hold of his dad, who travels that road daily, and also confirmed his mom, sister and brother-in-law were all okay. Texting seemed to be the only means of communication, and we shot out a bunch of messages to our friends, and eventually learned everyone was safe.

This morning, everyone on my bus was chattering about it. People don’t know how to react. I found myself getting angry at a guy who was laughing about his being fortunate he wasn’t there – this isn’t a time for laughing. And after having been at work for a few hours, it’s been announced that one of our coworkers is among the missing.

I called our transportation co for the wedding this morning to settle our balance, and I suddenly felt guilty carrying on with my wedding planning when this is going on. Chatting with a few girls on the knot, a lot of other brides-to-be feel the same way.

Which brings me to why I’m posting all this. I want, I guess, the “internet community” to know that I am as affected by this as any other Minneapolitan, Minnesotan, and maybe even American. But life must go on. So, in the coming days, if I post about being crabby about tulle not cutting as cleanly as it could, or being stressed about putting together table assignments or assembling programs – I know very well things could be much worse. And I thank whatever God it is that will listen that I’m able to marry the man that I love next weekend and have all our friends and family with us on that day.

Drunk Random + Kicking Doors = 911

Posted 05 Apr 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much, other people are morons

Last night, while the fiance and I were saying bye to a friend who’d stopped by for a couple bevvys, we heard a REALLY loud banging on the back door to our apartment building. We chose to ignore it for a bit…but it continued. Our friend went on his way, and the fiance and I went to check it out. Some random drunk man in the back parking lot of our building decides he wants in – and the best way of doing this is apparently by kicking and pounding on the door. (Which may have worked, if the door opened inwardly. Which it doesn’t.) I go back inside, grab my cell phone, and call 911. The girl across the hall comes out – she’s on her cell talking to a girl living upstairs who then also comes down, who had her bike stolen from the basement in the past week (not good). The guy stops for a bit and sits down next to the door while the fiance is feeding me his description for the cops. Then he gets up and starts kicking the door again, causing us girls to scream bloody murder and hide. OF COURSE, the dude gets up and leaves before the cops get there. I’m so sure. I had a hard time falling asleep – I was scared he was going to come back! (I was also scared for the welfare of our new car as well! Priorities.)

The weirdest thing of the situation was that when I called 911 (which I think I’ve only done like, 1 or 2 times in my life), the young woman who answered said the following:

“911 Emergency, do you have an emergency or can you hold?”

Hmmm. Okay – why else would I be calling 911 if I didn’t have an emergency? It made me pause for a second. My response?

“Uh…yeah. I mean, kind of. There’s some crazy drunk guy trying to kick in the back door of my apartment building. Is that an emergency?”

Regardless – she took the info anyway. Who knows if they ever caught the guy.