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Hey, hey, hey! I’m at BlogHer today!

Posted 17 Jun 2011 — by Mrs. Jenna
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I’m so effing excited dudes –

I have a post over at BlogHer today about Summer TV. If anything, please visit and take a look, if only to drool over the picture of Alex Skarsgard. (That’s mostly what I’ve been doing.)

Summer TV is Gonna Rule So Hard. And Also? Vampires!

In case you didn’t have enough social media crack…

Posted 20 May 2011 — by Mrs. Jenna
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You can follow me on Pinterest!

Let me know if you need an invite to join because OMGIMTOTALLYADDICTEDCRACKSAMMICHNOM.


Song Obsession

Posted 03 May 2011 — by Mrs. Jenna
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I can’t get this song out of my head. It’s just gorgeous. It’s “Our Hearts Are Wrong” by Jessica Lea Mayfield. She’s so vintage looking, and this kind of reminds me of the Twin Peaks theme…which we all know is rad.

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Time to dust off the tutu.

Posted 15 Apr 2011 — by Mrs. Jenna
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I’m going to take ballet classes.

And for the most part, it has everything to do with the movie Black Swan.

No, I do not want to become the crazed, red-eyed star of a Swan Lake remake that makes out with Mila Kunis (but I will admit Mila is pretty), but I want to do SOMETHING. And ballet seems like a good idea.

But Jenna! Have you ever even danced before?
Why YES. I have! Granted, I was 3, maybe 4 years old. BUT I WAS A DANCER, DAMMIT. I also took classes at the YWCA for a while before I got knocked up called “The Barre” which was all ballet stretches. So, I’m pretty confident I’ll pull a muscle in the first class and probably have to sit out a few weeks.

My lovely sister-in-law mentioned classes in some suburb I’ve barely heard of and we both signed up. Although today we were informed that the class was canceled due to low enrollment. Stupid community outreach. Anyway, I looked around and a local dance institute offers open classes on Saturdays that are right up my alley. So I’m going to do it. I’m going to learn ballet. Again.

I’ll be honest – a lot of the reason I’m doing this is because I don’t exercise. At all. I take the stairs at my office sometimes, but usually I’m too lazy so I don’t. I feel like a lop and haven’t worked out since before I got pregnant, which was OVER TWO YEARS AGO. That’s essentially two years of sitting on my ass. Well, and chasing after a toddler more recently, but mostly sitting on my ass. I need to be active. And even though Natalie Portman was a total crazycakes in Black Swan, I was so envious of all the beautiful ballet dancers, the gracefulness, and just overall fun it appeared to be. (I know, most people saw it being grueling work and an obsession that lead to insanity, BUT I SAW FUN.)

So, that’s that. I’m buying ballet shoes tomorrow (not these, TRUST ME…I was never meant for pointe. If you know me, you know my feet/toes. Those are not the toes of a ballet dancer.) as well as some leggings since apparently the instructors need to see the lines of your body to see if you’re doing it right. Which is obviously not really necessary because OF COURSE I’M DOING IT RIGHT. I did this when I was 3. It’s like riding a bike, isn’t it? Like a 30 year old riding a 3 year old’s bike. Full of grace and my knees are hitting the handlebars and GET OUT OF MY WAY I’M FALLING OVER.

I am so effing excited.

I’m breaking up with online shopping.

Posted 28 Feb 2011 — by Mrs. Jenna
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I know, I know. Really, I’m okay. I’m not having a psychological break, nor do you need to phone the authorities.

I’ve thought this through, and it needs to happen.

When I was pregnant, I started browsing sites like and When something seemed useful, I’d buy it. Abby was born, and I joined Gilt Groupe, One Kings Lane, Zulily, Mini Social…the list goes on and on.

Instead of buying things I needed to prepare for a baby, I started to buy things that were cute. That I convinced myself she (or I) would need. Or, OMFG THAT IS SO CHEAP I HAVE TO BUY IT.

Don’t get me wrong, most things I purchase are usually for Abby, and she does (or will) wear them. However, Abby currently has 9 pairs of shoes. And clothes going all the way up to 4T in her closet.

And last month alone I spent almost $200 shopping online. It grosses me out to admit that. The worst thing is that I’m constantly living paycheck to paycheck. Now I know why.

The first step will be to unsubscribe to the daily emails I get from those member sites. THAT is what gets me. The second, much bigger step is to not allow myself to buy anything online. I’m going cold turkey for at least this month, if not another. (This does not include paying bills or buying plane tickets, this is about retail purchases.)

If I can do that, I’ll allow myself to browse when something is needed to find a better price, but I need to practice restraint.

So, there’s my challenge. Anyone care to join me? If there’s enough interest, I’ll make a badge that we can wear proudly. :)

And now, I’ll leave you with some pics of the Abs Cadabs.