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I’m breaking up with online shopping.

Posted 28 Feb 2011 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category Abigail, paparazzi, RAD, retail therapy

I know, I know. Really, I’m okay. I’m not having a psychological break, nor do you need to phone the authorities.

I’ve thought this through, and it needs to happen.

When I was pregnant, I started browsing sites like and When something seemed useful, I’d buy it. Abby was born, and I joined Gilt Groupe, One Kings Lane, Zulily, Mini Social…the list goes on and on.

Instead of buying things I needed to prepare for a baby, I started to buy things that were cute. That I convinced myself she (or I) would need. Or, OMFG THAT IS SO CHEAP I HAVE TO BUY IT.

Don’t get me wrong, most things I purchase are usually for Abby, and she does (or will) wear them. However, Abby currently has 9 pairs of shoes. And clothes going all the way up to 4T in her closet.

And last month alone I spent almost $200 shopping online. It grosses me out to admit that. The worst thing is that I’m constantly living paycheck to paycheck. Now I know why.

The first step will be to unsubscribe to the daily emails I get from those member sites. THAT is what gets me. The second, much bigger step is to not allow myself to buy anything online. I’m going cold turkey for at least this month, if not another. (This does not include paying bills or buying plane tickets, this is about retail purchases.)

If I can do that, I’ll allow myself to browse when something is needed to find a better price, but I need to practice restraint.

So, there’s my challenge. Anyone care to join me? If there’s enough interest, I’ll make a badge that we can wear proudly. :)

And now, I’ll leave you with some pics of the Abs Cadabs.


Christmas List: The 2010 Edition

Posted 01 Dec 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category other people are awesome, retail therapy

Since I love seeing other people’s Christmas lists, I thought I’d share mine. I don’t have much aside from nerdery, so…just ignore all that if you’re not one of us.

Things I would like for Christmas (both rational and irrational)

A Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens

Adobe CS5 for my Mac
I can get this with an education discount. If you’re serious about getting it for me, you’re the bomb.
Commercial SRP: $1,899.00
Your Price:
(You Save $1,499.02)

Tim Gunn Bobblehead
No, I’m not kidding.

iPod Touch
with lots of GBs

Harry Potter Hardcover Book Set
Yeah, I know I just read them but I WANT THEM.

A ticket to BlogHer ’11

New Slippers
(since mine are stinky)
I wear a 7.5.

These Sorel boots
I don’t know what size I’d be, but they sell them at Columbia stores

Gift Certificate to Saint Sabrina’s
No, not for more tattoos – I buy my earrings there.

So…that’s what I sent to the hubs and parents. I always love anything pretty. Any gifts at all are awesome! But if I could have my way, I would get all of these. What do you want this year?

I will not make her room a pink nightmare…

Posted 20 Oct 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category baby business, house stuffs, RAD, retail therapy


The new Zinnia collection from Dwell Studio. Is it not presh? I love all of it.

Halloween costumes for CHEAP, SON!

Posted 04 Oct 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category baby business, retail therapy

Heads up, Carter’s is having a big sale on their Halloween costumes…

Since Abby can quack like a duck…here’s her costume, for $17!

(not my baby)

Score something for your babies before they’re all gone!

There will be a more meaningful post soon, when the stomach-flu scare has exited our home.

Our bedroom.

Posted 18 Aug 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs, retail therapy

I’ve been talking about doing something to our bedroom for a while. And now I have all the pieces in mind to do it with. If I only had the dollars.

Anyway, my plan if I had the moola, would be:

The duvet/inspiration piece: CB2

Curtain fabric option: Amy Butler

Bed by Ikea.

Paint color by Behr.

Total just for these updates? $270 for the bedding and bed, probably about $90 for the fabric (and my own sweat and tears to make the curtains) and about $35 for paint. So…about $395.

We already have these dressers. We need new nightstands though.

Our dressers.

I would love to do this this fall. Only time will tell. We’re also pricing out how much it’ll cost to have the cat-piss carpets removed from our basement and vinyl or rubber “hardwood” floors laid in it’s place. I can’t wait until our house feels “done!” Then I won’t have any trouble staying home.