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Finally. A watch worthy of my wrist!

Posted 02 Apr 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category retail therapy

Now, who wants to buy it for me?

So, so pretty. I love STORM watches. I’ve had one of my mom’s that she gave me for the past like, 9 years. It’s still my favorite watch. I bought this one when my wrists were ever-expanding with pregnancy, and although I still wear it a lot, I miss my STORM (which is still a little snug). So now…I must get this one. For £99.99.

And I just did the math. That’s like, $150.


Anyway, it’s an awesome watch. I recommend it to anyone who has $150 lying around. You can get it in 2 different face colors and 3 different finishes! They’re geniuses, I tell you.

I don’t watch it BUT I NEED IT.

Posted 10 Mar 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category retail therapy

Do you see how incredibly awesome those Barbies are? It’s the new Mad Men collection from Barbie. says:

Mattel is licensing rights to the characters from Lionsgate, the studio that produces “Mad Men” for the AMC cable channel. There will be 7,000 to 10,000 copies of each doll, to be sold in specialty stores and on two Web sites, and

Forget the “Ken” versions of these dolls. I WANT THE BARBIES. They would be perfect for my doll collection. Like I said, I don’t watch the show (I know, I know, I HAVE to watch it cause it’s so good) but I just love stuff from that era.

::clears throat:: AHEM.

Dear SANTA and Birthday Gods,

I know it’s only March but OHMIGOD I need at least one of these Barbies. They’re so awesome and vintage and my collection would not be complete without one of them. 

Please and thank you.

Mrs. Jenna.


Of course she needs these.

Posted 04 Mar 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category retail therapy
What 4 month old doesn’t need a cupcake bank and a bunny lamp? Seriously. ANSWER MY QUESTION. 
Thanks a lot Urban Outfitters for sending me an email about free shipping for orders over $75. It did the trick of getting me to your site and AS USUAL I didn’t spend $75. 
UO = +1, Mrs. Jenna = 0
However, Abby = +2 because now she’ll have both of these in her room.

I need a new bag, right?

Posted 26 Feb 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category retail therapy
H Bag in Gynko by Brooklyn Industries

Okay…good. Now, someone give me $75.

(NO, internets, I am not thinking about the close to 50 purses hanging on the wall in our spare bedroom right now. None of those will do. This is the one I want need.)


Posted 09 Feb 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category retail therapy

Well, maybe more like WANT. But let’s be honest.


You see that pink writing on the bottom of the jacket over the zipper? Know what that says?
Other bitches just front.
NEED this jacket. NEED.